Secrecy trial

think the title sez it all - - - - "Civil servant on trial in connection with secret document."
If it got into the public domain it wouldn't be a secret would it ???

I'll get me coat - - -
I don't trust anything emanating from this disgraced government.

I very much hope that there is a lawyer who is looking after the 'civil servant's' interest.

If he or she is guilty of a crime then the law will take its course, but if we, the great unwashed, are not appraised of the charge or the evidence, then Justice will neither be seen to be done or be done.

Despite the best efforts of the repulsive Bliar and his cronies and former flat-mates so far,we are not yet a totalitarian state. I hope not anyway, because if we are, my 'fans' on this site, will not have many more of my posts to admire !!!!

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