Secrecy for opening ceremony urged.

BBC News - London 2012: More troops deployed for Olympics

On Monday, thousands attended a technical dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony.

They were urged to keep the details secret and not spoil the surprise for others by circulating images or videos.

Danny Boyle, the ceremony's artistic director, reportedly asked the audience to "save the surprise".

Locog said the technical rehearsal for the opening ceremony had gone "very well".

"The reaction from the attendees has been overwhelmingly positive on social media and crucially they are still helping us to save the surprise for the rest of the nation on Friday," it said.

People who attended Monday's rehearsal reported that the hashtag "#savethesurprise" was emblazoned on giant screens inside the Olympic Stadium.
It's going to be crap, oh bugger. Have I given away the secret?


I have a pants video from someone I know that was there as a security guard. They erected a massive grey canvas type screen around the whole proceedings, akin to when you used to lash Army tentage together.

It's not very good, or I'd have flogged it to a newspaper by now.


Boris is going to skip down the aisle with Morris men. Why didn't they get the Guards to do it? This is going to be so embarrassing I might have to watch like a car crash.
Because we've got better things to be doing, and the lefty tree huggers might fall off their ethnic peace bicycles at the thought of soldiers doing something (other than covering for G4S).
It's actually a recreation of the Queen's coronation, but with Cameroon being crowned King of England instead... on a farm, with some sheep
The big difference between this and the 1936 Olympic Games is this one will have thousands of Roma pickpockets competing in their national sport.

They came a little unstuck in 1936..........
It will knock the worlds socks off, they do things Fred Dibnah couldn't. I was at the reheasal last night DOGS B******S.
All the troops on security, seemed happy, more crumpet chatting 'em up than than us old farts could chuck a stick at.
Some office chums there last night, said it was proper awesome - genuinely. And those ******* are some of the most cynical people I know.
How many troops were needed in the opening ceremony? And how long did they have to learn how to walk on stilts?
Saw facebook statuses from some of the lads stagging on, and they all seemed genuinely impressed.


I think you have to do as you are told don't you?
Yes, but unless you've been appointed the new director of the opening ceremony I think I and the rest of the Household Division can sleep easy (with the exception of those covering for G4S).
Some office chums there last night, said it was proper awesome - genuinely. And those ******* are some of the most cynical people I know.
Thanks for that. I've been trying to avoid this bloody thing but I think my morbid curiosity is actually going to get the better of me on the day. What's worse is that the kids will be watching it so it will be even harder to avoid. Bugger.
You know what?

I know that we all slag sports day off and I know that there are better things that we could have spent 9 billion quid on and it seems to be a given that the transport and the security will be a ****ing shambles.

But, against all of these, how satisfying would it be if we put on a bloody good event and showed the world that Great Britain isn't written off...yet at least.

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