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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Armyapp62, Aug 21, 2011.

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  1. I am a secondary teacher looking to join the TA in my area, but i am concerned as i have recently read the following on the TES pages:

    "The army practically shuts down during the school holidays so regular soldiers can be with their families. That means we can only do training if schools agree to give us time off during term-time."

    My school would not allow me to have time out of actual school time for training - i had hoped that their would be a means to accomodate my training during weekends/school holidays but im now concerned that i may not be able to meet the requirments.

    Are there any other teachers who have simlar issues or can tell me this is not the case.

    Thanks for your time
  2. They're on about the real army. TA have do a lot of stuff like battle camps during the summer hols.
  3. The best option is to get your self down to your local recruting office and speak to them, find out what the routine is of your local TA unit. There was a teacher on the first eposode of tv program on watch, TA and the Telban so it can be done.
  4. You used the wrong 'their' in the third paragraph.
    See me.
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  5. You shouldn't have any problem in the TA and being a teacher. Much traiing is done during summer hols and other hols.

    Besides, there is a definite link between TA COs and Headmasters... or was.

    Does your school have a CCF? You could possibly join that aswell, might make the school more disposed to your choice of part time career.
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    wasnt there a preston front character who was a teacher?

    spock I think they called him :)
  7. Thanks, I’m going to go down and see about visiting my local units. I am concerned about joining as an officer as there is a three week enrolment course (or similar) I read about but if this falls outside of school holidays, then I will be unable to attend. My authority allows us no extra time during school term (even for this) let alone 3 weeks, and so it would seem to me I would be unable to do this course? Are they run all year round or just during a particular time period?
    All advice greatly appreciated. Any teachers out there who could vouch for being in the TA and still managing time effectively?
    Thanks again.
  8. I have two mates who are teachers in the TA. It is generally pretty easy to organise your time around school holidays at least for phase 1 (your basic military training). You would be wise to forget the weekend method and commit to a 'Spring Challenge' which takes about 2 weeks to get you ready for your Phase 2 (specific to Arm) training.

    Phase 2 courses can be more difficult and if you cannot make one of the courses in the Summer you often have to wait a full 12 months for a space to appear.
  9. Theres quite a big TA Recruiting drive starting this week around the country and as said above you can do lots of training evenings and weekends plus camps during the holidays.
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  11. Change employer mate. Then join.
    I'm a teacher and my lea gives paid leave for camp and mobilisation.
    They are proud to support defence of the realm.
  12. Hardly spelling mistakes. Just a letter missed, poss by not pushing the key enough to enter the letter.

    Don't be so angry all the time...
  13. **** that --do all the training and claim your ears go pop when you get wind of a real know the ones where you'll be away from your family for up to nine plus months. Pinko Lefty Teacher..TA...**** right off.
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