Secondary school where every teacher will be a soldier

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by caenmatt, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. About time
    If the armed forces can be trusted to look after our country surely they can do a great job with our children.
    In recent months riots spread across the UK and the public was demanding that the army be deployed onto our streets. This would only be a short term fix, what we need is a long term fix. Deploy ex soldiers into the classroom, sounds harsh doesn’t it?
    We have all heard the saying “join the army son, it will make a man of you” why wait till the age of sixteen to make a difference. We can make a change at secondary school level.
    This project needs all the support it can get in order to secure funding.
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  2. C'mon, you know this can never work because there are no disciplinary rules and the kids don't have the respect for teachers irregardless of their previous jobs. i would love for this to be viable but these ex soldiers are just lining themselves up for a fall when the first young 'thug' tries it on in front of his mates or the pretty young girls. The Ex soldier wont be able to react without fear of prosecution and/or losing his job, what do we do then? The problem isn't all about bad teachers, its about unsupported teachers who are not allowed to instill any discipline no matter how badly they want to.

    this is typical government looking for a success story that isnt there. some of the new teachers will love it and some, probably most, of the kids will be great to teach but it only takes one false allegation of assault of any kind and you know what the headlines will be the next day.

    i did read the discipline section on the website and it really is cloud cookoo land i'm afraid, kids ironing their uniform, no phones or gadgets. Sorry if this sounds very negative but until real powers of discipline are given then this is just going to end in tears. These guys may well have trained rough kids from council estates but every one of those kids volunteered to walk into a recruiting office and sign up. I really do hope i am wrong but somehow i just see this going horribly wrong, you need a little expectation management here guys i'm afraid.
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  3. spot on crimson. The first ex-squaddie to snap and lay out some little scrote will have the press screaming about "thug" forces teachers. There would always be some little **** trying to push his/her luck just to try and get one over the squaddie teacher.

    The country want descipline in their schools but they dont want teachers to do want needs to be done to achieve it.
  4. Every single one of my Secondary School teachers was ex-forces. A bunch of bullying tossers, who had not one ounce of respect from the boys. The lower their teaching skills the more likely they were to use their canes, Plimsolls, slippers, sticks etc. Inadequates who took out their grievences on 12 year old kids. Yeah, every man a ******* hero.
  5. Why on earth does anyone think Squaddies will automatically make good teachers?
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  6. And most of my teachers many moons ago were WWI and WW2 vets who were respected. They were backed up by the system and in general the parents. They taught well.
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  7. It's obvious from your post that they lacked teaching skills. What I want to know is did they impart the bitterness too?
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  8. You were lucky then. All I keep from my school days is a feeling of resentment. We none of us deserved the treatment meted out by those morons.
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Sounds like you could do with a good spanking now!
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  10. No thanks AY. I never did develop a taste for it. Must be a few round here who would take you up on your offer though.
  11. Can just imagine the lessons.

    "righto shut the **** up. COURSE!!"

    "sit easy,remove your headress"

    "during this lesson you will be taught spelling. The reason you are being taught this is to stop you being illiterate mongs. "
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  12. You lot fag break!
  13. HHH

    HHH LE

    In some schools a fag break could mean smoking something more than a cigarette !
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  14. Imagine how long it'll take to decide on what the uniform should be and then they've got to agree how it should be worn. Could take years.
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  15. Can you imagine it? Every pupil is going to come out thinking that U is supposed to be flat at the bottom.
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