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The wouldn't find out via national insurance number or money going into my bank?

That's got **** all to do with army, they wont know through your bank, make sure you pay the correct tax though.
I'm currently awaiting discharge from ITC catterick, I've been waiting now 5 months for my discharge papers. I'm so bored it's unreal and my trade is security I was just wondering if I could work security while still technically in, would this affect anything? I can't stand another day sitting on my ass doing nothing! When I left a corporal said to me "if you're going to do it, don't get caught"...

P.s sorry if I've posted in the wrong section

Well, I'd say there's a number of things to be looking at straight off, even before you go through the CoC.

1. Why are you being discharged? Will it affect / limit the work you can do in future? If you've knackered discs in your spine, you'll want to avoid Door Security, that's physically heavy duty, so you'll be spending time off, and losing money, while you recuperate, and fucked discs are forever.

2. Can you do any courses that'll give you a head start in the mean time? If you plan to make a career in Security, sooner or later, you'll need to start being in charge of others. Sooner is easier. The more experience of being the boss you have, the more you'll be trusted to be the boss.

3. What kind of Security are you looking to do? Again, look at it as a career, not just a job for a couple of years, or you'll find yourself a few years in wondering what the hell you can do now, if it all goes wrong. Have a couple of contingency options in the background.

4. See if the army will pay for it! Seriously! If there's bills to pay, try to get the army to cover it. Once you're out, you're gone. Have them help you, while you can.