Secondary Employment Pros & Cons views please

I have attempted to search for a constructive debate on this issue, but apologise if it HAS been covered, for the lucky pers that DO get the time off from normal duties

I would like to hear other pers views/points on this subject as i've seen it elswhere on forums that extra/secondary employment is very unpopular with HOE/CoC/SC due to pers not time managing their 2nd employment so their primary employment/enviroment is effected, some jobs including:

Drivers: HGV/PSV & so forth (dvrs hours/rest before starting their duty)
Chefs: Agency/Temp work
Clerks: Other admin employment/IT work
Security: Private security & SIA clauses

Taking for example, and i've done two out of the four examples above & the security element, security (frontline & non frontline) is NOT essentially "Bouncing" as it is two completely different licenses in accordance with SIA Regulations 2001, however any extra employment must be approved via the correct CoC/HOE, please note this is NOT a winge/moan

constructive + & -

many thanks


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I know loads of blokes who do 'Stewarding' at major sporting events and they don't need an SIA badge to do it. Don't know whether they have cleared it through their CoC though. Nice to have a few extra quid for holidays and such.


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I am making the assumption here that you are single? Otherwise how on earth would you have time out of working hours (When you are obviously putting your all in to get recognised and hopefully promoted) to spare for working even more hours, I don't suppose many wifeys out there would be best pleased with it.

On the whole I'm not a huge fan of so called 'secondary employment' as I think that ultimately it is bound to affect your main employment. At then end of the day your time off is your own and you should be able to do with it as you wish (within reason), but it has to be remembered that when you start overworking yourself and become tired and irritable, that has an affect on your main work. When you get run down through a lack of decent rest and time off that has an affect on your main employment. Finally when you become ill through being run down, or worse get a stress related illness that will definitely affect your main employment.


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If you are in a job where you have time to do a secondary job then crack on. Tell the CoC? Nah, most in my line of work would refuse permission
I'm not single & have a working partner also who is very understanding & realistic in the knowledge that secondary employment when available is limited. HOWEVER i was doing extra employment before & after i was married i just ensured my time management (ie: rest/sleep) was well organized before i carry out any normal working duties.

I also have friends & collegues who work stadiums/Establishments as "stewards" & as it does not require an SIA licence unless your doing a "static/mobile security guard position" or "door supervisor" which is legally required for venue's with a licenced bar, a SIA "security" licence is NOT the old fashion bouncer role as i've read elswhere.

I fully sympathise/understand in Line Managers/HOE who get frustrated with their staff personnel who take on extra employment but then let their primary job role suffer, I've had many dicussions over this matter & we would say "time management" is the key BUT good planning is essential wether your single OR married & if those pers carry on and their primary job is being affected then some Re-education may-be called for.

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