Second World War Veterans in the Falklands?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by topgun2010, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know if there were any instances of Second World War Veterans serving in the Falklands? As senior NCOs/Officers? I have heard of instances of American Vietnam Veterans serving and being killed in Afghanistan, so I wondered if anything similar happened in the UK Forces.


  2. I've seen a set of medals on the British Medals Forum that include WW2 medals and a SAM. Not sure what the history was tbh.
  3. *Wah shield up*
    You know the Falklands Conflict was 42 years after WWII? Right?
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  4. 37 Years if you think of it as a young private joining late in the war... I've met some officers nearing 34 years service, it could be possible.
  5. Vietnam finished in 1975, WW2 finished in 1945, therefore there is more likely to be a Vietnam vet serving in Afghanistan, if a US serviceman was 18 in 1975 he would have been 44 in 2001, easily done, best case senario for WW2 vet, if a British soldier was 14 in 1945 he would have been 51 in 1982, possible if a senior officer.
  6. Thanks a lot. I will be very interested to read that.
  7. Korean war finished 8 years after WW2, so entirely possible.
  8. Belonged to a chap who was RN in WWII and MN in 82: he volunteered to go with the Task Force.

    Most of those with WWII service would have been MN. Captain Ian North DSC, Master of the Atlantic Conveyor was another.
  9. Although whether controlling things from Northwood made him a 'Falklands veteran' is debatable.
  10. BuggerAll

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    I met a chap with WW2 medals who had a Granby medal. I was suspicious and he noticed my suspicion and explained that he worked for LandRover and was sent to Saudi to support the LR fleet. As a result he got gonged. I'd imagine the only one.

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  11. or he could have been on holiday in cyprus at the time!

  12. I stand humbly corrected!