Second World War clashes named as 'Greatest British Battle'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Agincourt is the greatest battle.

    A few hundred bedraggled Englishmen slaughtered 10,000 of France's finest.

    They're still sulking furiously about that drubbing.
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  2. A little one-sided though, with no credible opposition.
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  3. Personally speaking, I'd say it was Stirling Bridge.
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  4. A good article - I didn't know that much about them and the significance was high.
  5. No mention of Agincourt or Crecy.
    Nor the battle for the last pint of Double Diamond in the pigs bar at Binbrook in 1977...
  6. No mention of Stamford bridge.
  7. IIRC most of those archers were Welsh ?.............
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  8. With some added mercenaries from the low countries, the Guild of St Sebastian in Belgium are very proud of their history.
  9. Whilst important I fail to see how the two 'clashes' could rival huge set-piece efforts like Waterloo or D-Day. It seems a bit odd.
  10. Hoi...don't you go start'n rahnd 'ere wiv yer facts, moosh.
  11. Neither can in truth be deemed "British" - there were a couple of Septics at D Day and a if it were not for the arrival of Blucher with the Prussian Army at Waterloo, the outcome might have been very different
  12. By that token, Imphal and Kohima were international affairs too. Imperial and Commonwealth forces resupplied by air with US help...

    They were undoubtedly a great feat but given that they were part of a pattern of advance and withdrawal over the same territory and were made the final episode by events elsewhere draining Japanese ability to continue, I wonder why they were chosen?
  13. Agreed, which is why I picked Quebec (from the list of contenders) on the Other Thread
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