Second World War bomb

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by singha61, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. You think?
  2. Loved this quote:

    "The Army encased the bomb in a sand and wood 'igloo' to contain a blast should it go off. It started to tick and ooze liquid when experts tried to disarm it.

    One Royal Engineer was sent back repeatedly to the ticking device to 'freeze it' by pouring a salt solution on to it. He used a powerful magnet to stop its timer."

    I'm sure that, that will be used on the BDO's citation - even though there was no mechanical timer fitted!
  3. Hopefully they will get wrote up for this one.

    EOD operators are all nuts but complete respect for the balls it takes to do their job!!

  4. No doubt, but is it truly deserved…………………..?
  5. I know where your coming from with it being their job role etc.

    But walking back to a ticking bomb? That has to take balls!! (More than normal to go poking around explosive ordanance).
  6. It can't tick if there is no timer!
  7. They had to find somewhere in the East end where they wouldn't be disturbed and it would do no damage if it went off.....

    .....So they used West Hams trophy room.

    Or "the room" as it's known these days
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Why must they publish I was late for work comments by whinging self serving wacnkers?
  9. one of the comments says 'Lucky they don't still film Big Brother at Three Mills, this seems to literally right on top almost of where the house used to be until it moved west'

    what a shame ey.....................

  10. Strange how RE's gongs are never truly deserved but all the one's the RLC are awarded are !!!
  11. Are the Royal Engineers in the limelight again Felix?
    Bore off blanket stacker.
  12. That would have made Big Brother worth watching, provided it exploded and they kept the freaks in the house too.
  13. I assume that the Sappers had to keep a very close eye on this bomb, just in case the Navy tried to steal it as payback for all the mickey-taking at Felixstowe last month!!

    Balls of steel, guys, and well done.

  14. Talk about sweeping generalisations!

    I've seen a number of awards handed out (irrelevant of capbadge) to people for jobs which are nothing more than simple CMD task. Which are carried out on an average of 2 a day on the UK mainland.

    Had the BDO done anything above the norm, then I’d be the first to congratulate them.

    But this just diminishes the bravery of the guys you have, that have had to clear a route through a mine field to an injured soldier, or carried out Combat EOD under enemy fire!


    I know it may hard, but please try to come up with an educated argument, which would add to lively discussion as opposed to the usual Neanderthal insults.
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