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Second Vermont Republic

I read about this group and their website in Stars and Stripes today (I'm a Brit deployed on a US base) and was wondering what the American ARRSEr's thought of this.


Apparently there is nothing in the US or State constitutions to stop Vermont declaring independence following a referendum, but I though that after the Civil War there was no realisitc way the the Federal Government would allow this to happen

I appreciate that this will probably provoke some strongly worded responses, but am interested in a US perspective. Are these guys mad or do they have a serious agenda?
LOL! Must of gave the organizers of this little group a chubby to get space in Stars & Stripes. Not a chance in heck of their agenda coming to fruition of course as their membership is easily outnumbered by a couple baseball teams. As a rule, Vermonters generally are liberal democrats who are well ensconced in the big federal government concept.
Vermont: Home of maple syrup and squirrels.

Canada has better syrup, and we have squirrels here in Oregon, so I say let 'em go.
Seriously though; Khyros is right. They don't have a chance in hell of pulling it off. As the Bard might say: "'tis a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

And now they have an endorsement from Bill O'Reilly, which means their little civics project is going down like a B-17 over Berlin.
YankMarine said:
Chief_Joseph said:
Texas maintains the right of secession as well if I'm not concerned (not that they would EVER use it though)
"It's like a whole other country."
Totally agree My wife always says she is a Texan first, Amercan second but fiercely proud of both!
I wonder what the US govt response would be in 2007 if any of the States tried to secede, after all it is not 1861 anymore.

would they send in the Federal army to bring them back in line ? can't see them getting away with that.
All the Feds have to cut is cut the funding to the state that wishes to leave the union and then they be screwed, unless of course you live in a state like mine which makes squillions by selling mineral resources.

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