Second thoughts about the army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by creeeg145, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. Hello everyone I been looking at this forum for a while I just never registered.

    Anyway my concern is that I seem to be having second thoughts about the army.

    I'm hoping to join the PWRR soonish as an infantry soldier (thats my plan anyway). I'm currently improving my fitness and my interview with the army careers office is next week. Anyway back to the problem...

    My main, infact only, concern is that I think that if i were to join the PWRR then there would be a strong possibilty that I would be based in cyprus. Some people might relish the fact that the get to be in a hot country for 3-4 years, but I on the other hand f'ing hate the idea on being based there.

    Firstly I have a girlfriend who I have been with for 3 years. I honestly can not come to terms with the fact that I would only be seeing her for what? 30-40 days of the year?

    Then theres also the fact that I would not be able to see my friends, family, pets (lol), drive a car.. do normal things lol.

    I understand that you should be dedicated to the army and be willing to accept the fact that you while be on operations for 6 months at a time, but being based in another country for 3-4 years??? Are you telling me that all the serviceman men/women based in germany/cyprus all have no family/friends/wifes/husbands/lifes lol. :-?

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me please! Much appreciated :-D

    EDIT: Another quick question. Can anyone explain to me why the PWRR recruit from Kent, sussex, hampsire, isle of wight etc. when they are based in cyprus, london, germany, and recently northern island? Seems a bit strange to me to recruit someone from a certain area then move them 500 miles away. Which Is true with all regiments as the local regiment to me is the 5 scots and i live in canterbury, kent.. which is about 400 miles away from scotland lol.
  2. Assuming this isn't a wah, I joined to get as far way from home baggage as possible. It's what the Army is all about, at least in the early years. In your case, I suspect second thoughts about joining would be two too many.
  3. A common question, concern. Just search the forum as your not the first guy to wobble due to a girlfriend. As for the rest of it, christ why are you even joining up?
  4. I have to agree with Disco, why are you even thinking of joining the Army if you are not prepared to leave home? And in answer to your question of course people have a normal life in germany. If they are married their spouses and children are with them. I seriously think you should either reconsider your decision to join or find out alot more about life in the Army.
  5. McDonald's

    click the link and think about a career there kid, i know thers definately one in Canterbury i was based there a few years ago..
  6. Miss your girlfriend ????

    she will fucking bin you within 4 weeks of you going in thats fucking guaranteed.

    your worried about hot climates?

    I am sorry to hear that perhaps they will find somewhere with a climate more to your liking.

    If you dont want to do, it if you are not committed right now stop being a fucking time waster and fuck off somewhere else no one has to encourage or beg you to join here this is not the recruiting office.

    I feel sorry for the lads who might end up stuck with you moping around missing your girlfriend and coming in all red eyed after your phone call to her.
  7. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but she is more than likely to dump you, unless you two have a really strong relationship. Im joining Royal Anglian reg and I could be based in Cyprus too and me and my girlfriend have talked about it. The base is situated near Ayia Napa so she will probably get thinking things too.

    And about missing home and all that? its part of the job, man up.
  8. The answer to your post is : Do not join the Army or it's a wank Wah.
  9. Try the salvation army. It's an army you get to wear a uniform and stay at home with mum, but sundays will be busy, you have been warned. they are in the (good) book under salvation army. Double away.
  10. Growing up and moving away is part of life and your family probably already realise that's going to happen even if you haven't. As for your friends, even if you were posted locally, you'll find your experiences in the Army will quickly distance you from your current mates and you will more likely end up spending more time with your squaddie mates who have more in common with you. Trying to talk to civvy mates about that funny thing that happened on the parade square usually ends up with "you have to do what?!" and you end up having to explain so much that you forget what you started talking about in the first place.

    As others have asked, why were you thinking of joining in the first place?
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I pretty much echo all the sentiments in here, why the hell are you even considering joining up?
  12. To the OP - I think your post is very revealing and I am certain that you and the Army would be better off without eachother.

    You have no spirit of adventure, you have grasped nothing about Army life despite a complete overload of information available to you and all I can detect is a worrying whine of 'me me me'.

    Within the first week of training you will be demanding someone pays attention to your 'personal' problems while your oppos are cracking on at the start of the most exciting and rewarding part of their lives.

    Unless you can face the fact that you will be IN the army rather than just doing it you will be making a big mistake by joining and today's army certainly does not need you.
  13. I think a nice job in a bank or similar would be good for you. Maybe join the TA or similar and see if you can cope with weekends away from home and a two week camp, if you can't, then obviously the Army isn't for you, nor would the Navy or Air Force meet your needs. For that matter neither would the scout movement.
  14. I claim my prize you are a walking wah now fu*k off to facebook with the rest of the nobodys. I really pity you - you will be another cu*t down the pub saying "I would have joined the army but". In short you are not even good enough to be in the TA.
  15. I suggest growing up, before joining up.
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