Second shot at life?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Radical_Dreamer, Jul 5, 2005.

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    I think it's scary and awesome at the same time. Think of all the lives this could potentially save yet something just doesn't click :eek:
  2. I heard that to get the the stage they are at, countless dogs suffered terribly and many where left severely brain damaged. But all in the pursuit of science eh?
  3. That's often the case when they're experimenting with something new. :?
  4. I’d rather see them experiment on an animal and get it wrong than experiment on a human and get it wrong.
  5. True mate and it is for a good cause. I just don't like things being painted in a "all things are rosy" light when it isn't the case.
  6. The one and only experiment on a human was several years ago. The human concerned is now a law student, and the pioneers of the procedure have made thair apologies to all concerned.
  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I thought he was rather a senior Officer in an Army of a country not far off the coast of mainland Europe. No names no, no pack drills (PO.....)
  8. 307

    307 War Hero

    It doesn't sit nicely with me, it could save lifes but, it just isn't natural..guess there's no doggy heaven for them to go to then.
  9. perhaps they'll bring back walt disney now then, as he was frozen wasnt he ????
  10. i thought the poor unfortunates were now part of the shadow cabinet :twisted:
    like they have a hope in hell ofgetting into power :roll:
  11. There was an episode of Judge Dredd (some one had left the comic loafing) where the perp was killed in a shoot out with the judges. Because of the heinious nature of the crime, Dredd has the perp's body put into Mega City One's secret cryogenic storage.

    Dredd explains; "When science can bring him back to life, he will receive his proper punishment".

    Comics, full of ideas for law enforcement and justice.
  12. I used to like the fact that Judge Dredd would often refer to the criminals he was chasing as "Stinking Perps"
  13. Use on the battlefield? Poor company medic having to carry a fcuking great water cooler round with him as well as the med kit :)
  14. To be fair - surgery itself isn't natural!!

    Though I wouldn't like to try it, and where would they story your blood??
  15. i agree oneshot look at transplants, there the body is fighting to reject

    the new organ because it thinks its a foreign body, when it was first developed people hated the idea

    happens all the time now, one must adjust to changes in technology