Second Scouse DUKW Sinks!

CAARPS - you just had to look didn't you? Well, it is 1 Apr I suppose.

MODs - guilty as charged: happy for the thread to binned once CAARPS has finished hitting his keyboard:numberone:
It was a joke?
Hence I stayed off here until after Midday.

April's Fool is dead and gone.
You're the fool for carrying on.

Apparently, I'm in hospital, pregnant, been in a car crash and have been arrested for rape and murder.

VG makes better shit up.
Get better soon.


Book Reviewer
You started it -

/images/misc/quote_icon.png Originally Posted by The_Snail /images/buttons/viewpost-right.png
Are you stalking me again? Pervert.

I'm in James Cook Hospital if you want to visit. Bring a grape. Cut it in quarters though.

From this thread - mtp softie
It's the internet. I'm also a fireman and TiD's sister. Wise up spaggy xx

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