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Second Life - Technical Enquiries

Clicky Linkey.

Theres a link to the SL blog that is dealing with the new version issues. There are some recommendations and quick fixes on it.

You can always contact the support but technical support for SL seems to work something like this.

1. Contact the online in world tech support via the help menu (covers the bit in their advertising about "Tech Support at your fingertips").
2. Online tech support get back to you in a couple of minutes. Outstanding. They then make a noise similar to sucking their teeth, say "thats a tricky one", and ask you to email the offline tech support.
3. You receive an automated reply a couple of minutes later then never hear anything from them again. I've tried several times regarding the script errors on the island, and this pattern repeats itself with annoying regularity.

Considering somewhere around 2 million US Dollars of transactions were made in SL in the last 24 hours, and over 200 thousand US Dollars of new Linden dollars were bought, you'd have thought they would be slightly more concerned. But apparantly not.


I decided to install updated graphic drivers last night. (The SL blog gives you links)
I didn't think i needed them, my pc is only 7 months old, but it helped 100%.
You do not need to be logged onto SL to do this
Quick re-start, and got back online almost immediately.....
I was getting online fine until last night. Now getting an "Unable to complete transform, moving inventory to a new database" error.

Done all the basics - Graphics drivers (although my card and driver set are supported already). Cleared cache but no joy.

I have found that walking away from SL for a few hours can work wonders for errors, so i'm going for a pub lunch. It'll no doubt have fixed itself my mid afternoon.
Mysterious well-wisher seeks to collaborate on post-graduate sociological research on the nature of on-line identity. He thinks SL may be a good place to start.

Especially interested if you are available to do funded academic research: IE: not still serving .

PM me for details

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