Second life (online game)

Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by TheViciousRabbit, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Anyone heard of or used this online game, called second life, which is a virtual online world. You make an avater of how you wish to look and can wonder round a made up online world. Apperently this game has its own economy and the players can make money by designing items to go into the world and clothing etc, and interact with people. If it takes off I think i might go on and become a "hoodie" and harrass and rob people, virtually.

    here the link:
  2. I think I may just get off my soft spongy arrse and start living my first life. I saw this on the BBC Breakfast programme this morning and it all sounds like a load of old toss, dreamt up by complete nerds. GET A FUKCING LIFE!!! NOT A SECOND LIFE

    I spend enough time with IT to make Bill Gates puke. I don't need another excuse to turn my eyes squarer!
  3. All the databases were hacked into a few days back, and loads of peoples' real email and actual addresses and banking details were lifted.

    Stick to the real world, eh?
  4. I want to be called "Loretta!"
  5. I am going to be an ex soldier, starving and poor, with a little moustach, who paints a bit.

    I am then going to make pals with other dissaffected doldiers, and start a political party. The party will be all about how we are beter than other countries, and they should all die, cos we need a bit more room to live in.

    I am then going to take us all to a pub, somewhere in the south of the country, and get pissed and start a putsch.

    After that fails I shall morph into a cat, and the world will be spared...

  6. And you were doing so well London.... nice picture of Kitler though...

    Does he suffer from Herr balls?
  7. no, but his mate has Goe balls
  8. And Himmler has something similar?
  9. yes, and his other mate Göring has two, but very small

  10. I will join you mate
  11. cool, pick a charachter from the panolpy of Third Reich heroes........but don't forget to pick what animal that character will morph into after the failed coup.

    We don't want this to take on a life of its own so that we end up starting a 6 year long world war....then again :twisted:
  12. Sounds like Runscape, my kids play that ....Now if there was a free online RPG game based on military stuff that'd be better

    Imagine the scene...................(text based)

    You are lying in a bed, the mattress sags in the middle and the ceiling has one bare bulb. To your left is a mountain of John Smiths and empty pizza boxes. Your head hurts.

    Do you wish to ......Sleep.....Investigate pounding on door....Slip out of bed noiselessly and vacate the WRAC block undetected

    time passes....... :)
  13. I have been on it now. Now thats fcuking wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!