second life inventory

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by the_butler, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. A lot of residents spend vast amounts of money "looking good" in Second Life
    (yes you know who you are) If your inventory goes to pot as the game is fond of doing to you you are left nothing bar what you are stood in. I found a utility that can organise your inventory off line and by doing so shows you on your PC where the inventory file is hidden so you can take a copy on a regular basis for safe keeping, shneeeky :thumright:
    offline inventory whatnot
  2. Butler, is your inv compressed and stored as a .zip file? as per the instructions for this piece of software. Because mine isnt, the're compressed and stored as .gz files.
  3. hope this helps i'm next door at the moment (on duty) but will see what form my archive takes in a bit :thumright:
    I do know that winrar handles that type of file though
  4. Not got a problem with .gz files, and winrar does extract them. I just wondered why the instructions deal with the file saved as a .zip file and not a .gz file. Also, i appear to have 2 inventory files, both with different stuff in them.
  5. I would imagine the instructions were produced before the current version.
    There has been 2 or three upgrades to my knowledge this year alone.
    As to the 2 inventory files I am guessing they are different sizes the larger being your current inventory and the smaller a standard Get you in pack. Just guessing though I'm going to look further into it later.
  6. *taps nails* to save inventory or not to save inventory...hmmmmm
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  15. If you get the error ".Net Framwork v2.0.50727 mising, please contact your Publisher" etc, use this link for the file:

    .Net Framework V2

    If you cannot see the Second life folder in your application data, in windows explorer go to Extras > Options > View and set the radio button to show hidden files and folders.