"Second Life" for Muslims.

vvaannmmaann said:
A new Second Life type world for Muslims.
I wonder what some people will be learning in there?


I wonder if I can get an 'infidel exploding suicide bomber' avatar?

"We are not a religious site, we are a site that is focused on the lifestyle," said its founder, Mohamed El-Fatatry
I'll bet it will be a barrel of laughs. Religious police enforcing the birds to dress up like ninjas, chopping hands off for minor pilfering, praying towards a virtual mecca several times a day, raising a virtual fatwah on infidels and generally making peoples lives a misery if they don't agree with your Neanderthal way of thinking. Yep, I can see the attraction. :roll:
LOL. Why do they need their own separate virtual world? There's no Jewx Pal or AtheistCommonsenseX Pal or whatever. I wouldnt put it past the Christian's to come up with something equally as ret@rded though.

This is bound to go the way of Habbo Hotel, tis only a matter of time :D

In fact I bet it won't be more than 3 months before we hear some outraged fatwah declarations across the internet when the thing gets its servers crashed repeatedly.

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