Second Life - ARRSE Island

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Is anyone out there interested in setting up ARRSE in SL? Outline idea is ARRSE island with building rights given to ARRSE users. Not quite sure where it will all lead...

Need some SL experts though.

While mucking around trying to work out what it is all about I created a nice virtual pad for the other half. BCO Towers. An architectural treasure I'm sure you'll agree.
Heard about second life on the wireless. Got it's own economy etc now with a GDP larger than some small countries. (if that makes sense?)
How virtually strange!

Good CO

The tiny plot of land I bought with my joining cash wasn't big enough to build anything bigger. Enter ARRSE island!


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Good CO

A bit of background: As part of the MSc course I'm doing I had to do a presentation on anything for one of the bolt-on subjects (presentation skills). I was browsing around the BBC site thinking of intellectual things and found this by accident:

It struck me as interesting so I looked further, registered for the game and ended up using it as a presentation topic. Mix of real and virtual worlds.. amazing concept, man... blah. Anyway, SL 'residents' spend about 600,000 US dollars in a day inside the game. It has full economy and property market. Sun Microsystems have conference facilities in there, Radio 2 held a concert in there, you can find Reuters, buy a virtual car from Toyota etc etc etc. Strange stuff.
Can you create your own army and lay waste to the continent?

Can you recruit your own secret police and rule in a climate of fear and recrimination?

If so I might be interested.


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Ooo going to have to join in the fun now!! Can't you attually make money off this, I think I saw something in Metro the otherday about some chick who had become a millionaire off it!!
I've got the free account. You can just wander around. Anyway, imagine if Arrse gets established on there, how cool is that?

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Guys - I think we are pretty serious about this although its going to happen in slow time ...... in the meantime if you want to mention someone as a referral when you log in please feel free to use:

BadCO Otoole, or
The problem I found with this thing is that It appears it needs a monster machine to run it. My PC is only a month or so old and it could'nt quite keep up with my character just merely walking around.
However ive not tried it since, it may have been just a bad day on the site. But ho Hum

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