Second life and mobile broadband

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by joey_deacons_lad, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Is it feasable to play second life if i get one of these new fangled mobile broadband modems. I see vodafone have a 7.2mbs one but have heard bad things about them so would one of the others about 3.2mbs be any good for this?
  2. Wrong place for that. Ask in the Computer advice section.
  3. Should be Ok I started on Second Life with a 1/2 meg connection and that was fine as long as your lappy is good enough to run it in the first place. :D
  4. Joey,

    As the Butler said, as long as you have sufficient bandwidth, SL should work including voice. Mobile broadband is the same as normal wired broadband, they quite "speeds of upto blah Mbps". That doesnt mean you are actually going to get sufficient bandwidth once you get home and install the dongle, you simply might not get sufficient quality of service where you want to use the laptop. If you have a friend who is using the service, i would advise asking them to bring the lappy round and try out the service on theirs in the location you would normally want to use yours.

    With laptops, their use for SL generally falls down on the minimum system specs available at the link below:

    The graphics requirements are ATI/Nvidia/Intel chipset based so should cover the majority of hardware however if playing SL is a driver for getting the broadband contract i would double check your specs first.