second landy on the balcony?

I have an ex sas corsa sitting in the driveway - clutch blew out of her though when practicing evasive maneuvers around the back roads while trying to escape from an ex spetsnaz twin cam.


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Gerry Adams selling his work vehicle? I'm sure the neighbours will be pleased with his background, but we'll call him John as then nobody will know who it really is
So the MOT bloke will accept my excuse that the reason the front wings arent attached to the rest of the bodywork isnt rust but due to the gaps where the smoke dischargers were coz its ex SAS?


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Brings the walts to the table alright but who would want to buy a wagon thrashed around by 'them'. Now if it had said one careful owner and still had some brass 'n' blood in the back - then it's got some cred.
I have the very vehicle the Balcony boys left London in, on that fateful day when they ran out of ammunition
Its Trabant, painted the same colour as the boathouse doors, retro fitted with a 1.2 metro engine no less. Full ash trays as you would expect, empty 9mm cases strewn over the back seat, what looks like a faulty MP5 in the boot or though i can't swear on it and 3,000,000 miles on the clock. No Mot No Tax and needs 4 new wheels & tyres, oh and it was 28th actually on the balcony just after ITN switched off the cameras.
No photos available you know the pack drill
Nor can i tell you were she is located [or i would have to silence you]
£250,000 OVNO
A few Ex SAS vehicles have been greatly discredited due to several instances of them writing their own logbooks and service history once they left. The police have a habit of pulling them over as well due to the headlights being on permanent thousand yard stare.
Blast i thought i'd have a few bids by now
I actually do have a photograph of the item

Its there in the middle
Nice bit of scriming eh?

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