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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Clifford7162, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Before i joined up i was driving HGV Vehicles, If i was to work on weekends/Leave through a driving agency who do i need to clear it through?

    Also will i fall into a higher tax band?

    How much trouble could i get into if i just went ahead with it?

    I have asked my clerk these questions and they just gave me a blank look, But i don't want to risk it until i know i will be cleared,

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. are you in the UK?
  3. Yes based in the UK
  4. When I worked on the Doors I asked my OC, who then said it was ok, and then I went infront of the CO.......followed by the rasman, as he wanted his tuppenth worth.

    I don't know if it's changed though?
  5. I would have thought a letter to your OC/CO asking permission but stating you are aware of tax liability, duties, being recalled at short notice, I take it you will be working on stand downs and weekends? if so to cover yourself the duties/leave issue will need to be addressed ie why should you get paid to work for someone else why a duty is being done etc.

    Also you probably wont be allowed to travel in mil kit etc
  6. If your second job is cleared through your COC (i.e. CO) and it is official employment then I recommend that you look at the following Citizens Advice Bureau web site to gain information regarding whether your increased salary push you past the higher threshold level.

    Hope this helps.

  7. I did HGV work on leave etc when I was in through an agency, as did lots of other guys in the regt. A permission letter into your OC/CO/RAO requesting permission for a second job and stating that it will not interfere with your primary job (i.e. running around in green kit) was all that was required. You are legally allowed to have as many jobs as you wish but obviously being a squaddie takes precedence. They may show a desire to have you in for interview with coffee to discuss why you want a 2nd job in case you are in financial difficulties.

    As for tax etc, the agency should sort it out for you so initially you will be on emergency tax until your tax code is sorted then you will be taxed a higher rate as its a second job (level of income doesnt play a part)

    Hope this helps although dont quote me on it as this is just from my personal experience of doing it. Times may have changed slightly.
  8. You have to get it cleared through your CO which is not normally a problem. Take a copy of your Payslip and ensure that you have the relevant Tax & National Insurance deducted. Otherwise at the end of the year you may have quite a chunky bill to write to HMCE. We had quite a few guys working at weekends & on leave driving for an agency and doing the HGV runs for Tesco out of Antrim all over the Province. Pretty good money they were getting £18 an hour. Some of guys were getting an extra £6-700 a month extra to top up their pay. HGV is a great way of getting a few exta pound. Ironically I think if you are an Army driver by trade with a PCV then you are not allowed to drive civilian PCV or coach hire. There is either some military or civil clause. I think it is a military clause so that if young 23yr old Pte Bloggs has a coach accident then it stops him being sued. Could be wrong but somebody may wish to clarify this.
  9. I know when i was driving for a firm in Nottingham they used to pay my travel expenses (which covered my tax), but all that was need was a letter into the CO via chain of command and I was off. The one thing I did need to sort out was insurance for accidental injury, so i used pax and off I went charging 18 quid an hour for a guaranteed 8 hour shift. The letter had to have in it what all the others have said, ie the green machine comes first and it wont interfere with duties etc.

    Edited cos I've got sausages for fingers!
  10. Ah, SPS adding value as usual. :roll:
  11. It's all in QR's, you have to write a letter to your CO seeking permission for employment during stand down periods, you can't do anything security related, special constable, security guard, doorman etc and it will, of course, be withing the needs of the service, if you contact the tax office once employment has been confirmed they will ask for a pay statement and sort your tax accordingly, PD 5 in Cardiff is the tax office you will need to speak to.
  12. It was one of my lot that bubbled me for working on a sh*thole door in Bournemouth (before the slagging starts, I was 20, swimming in debt and was stood, freezing my t*ts off outside a pub that had it's last bit of trouble in the early 80's when someone lost their pennies in the fag machine!!)
    Point being it was simple, march in, halt, "jack it in or your out on your arrse !" And oh the irony, one of the larger of our lot was running his own TEAM in the same TOWN and earning a fortune !!
    Cover your arrse well with the taxman though
  13. One of the Jackets was working too, and it was he that suggested going through the proper channels. It doesn't take long for word to get back to the CoC that someone's working on the side.

    It wasn't any hassel getting permission, just a quick chat etc. The Rasman was more interested in making sure the Jackets stayed out of trouble.
  14. They were before my time :)

    smartarrse :wink:
  15. Your very welcome :D