Second Job - Who's got one?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Judge Judy, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. The Daily Mail has gone into frothing indignation at the 'scandal' of plod with second jobs although fails to explain why it's a 'scandal', BBC News isn't interested and I say fair play to the boys in blue. So what about the boys in green?

    I'll start, I work for a wine company at weekends teaching pissed up Hen Parties how to taste and drink wine; part education part entertainment. Extra pocket money for me and a bit of a chuckle all round to be honest.

    Anyone else still serving with a second job?

    The police staff who are also a vicar and a pole dancer: He worked in counter-terror. She's a personnel officer in Norfolk. But both are among 23,000 officers with second jobs | Mail Online
  2. Sex god
  3. Do the odd bit of Locksmithing for a mate of mine and do the odd job for a private detective opening locked boxes that wifes husbands bring in during divorce's
  4. I and many others did HGV driving when on leave. Some of my mates did security at Wembley during the 1996 Euro Finals, plus a few concerts.
  5. Many soldiers will remember the 'Mars' factory from the 70's. Only way to make ends meet on what were exceedingly poor salaries.
  6. Never had the time when I was in. Most of the time, we were often off somewhere and besides, what with guard duties and the other day to day stuff etc, if you had a second job, how were you going to fit it in with your drinking hobby?
  7. When I was serving I used to work in a home for adults with learning difficulties alas it came to a sudden stop when the wife found out I was banging the very nice manager.
  8. Used to load from a warehouse next door to wembley in 96. Rubicon soft drinks if i remember right. They had access to a evacuation gate in the stadium and sneaked us in to the matches. :)
  9. You called?
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  10. Started my own business 5 months before leaving the Andrew.

    Also worked with a few lads from Marchwood as a Stevedore in Southampton Docks in the 90`s
  11. I'm Limited Company Director :)
  12. Plenty of spare time to have had a third job then. :)
  13. I was :(
  14. I get enough shite in my first job,I don't need to double it.
  15. i run a gun shop, i bounce doors , and i instruct self defence.
    when i get time i do the odd spot of gardening/handyman work as well.
    i like to keep busy