Second Iranian nuclear facility declared

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. News item

    A case of, 'Oh, we found this down the back of the sofa*, so we thought we should tell you. Do you know, we completely forgot we had this... '

    You would almost think they were trying to build an atom bomb on the quiet, or something silly like that.

    * Actually, 'Inside a hollowed out mountain, near one of our main cities. Now how on earth did that get there? '
  2. Obama is going to make a speech around 13.30
  3. 'December deadline for full cooperation - then sanctions.' Sarcozy

    Merkel had something more important to do... :roll:
  4. I bet the Israelis are bombing up the F-15s as we write...
  5. There is only one sensible and rational response to such an outrageous escalation, - we must abandon a quarter of our capability at the first possible sign of an election.
  6. Tougher sanctions :roll: what will they be then ?
  7. It looks as the Iranians don't violate any agreements.

    There is a big fuss around the plant but...

    One could ask, why the plant was not mentioned by Western politicians before?
    Was the CIA aware about the plant before?

    Likely no.
  8. Sergey,
    By the same criteria-Were the FSB? Answer-Likely no?
    The Iranians do have previous for this sort of non-declaration, and building a Mk 1 James Bond Villain Secret Base (TM) inside a mountain doesn't add to people's belief in their good intentions.
    Is this sort of naughtiness (and the mysterious case of the MV Arctic Sea) why your government is starting to make noise about sanctions?
  9. Yeah, right, and the Israeli nuclear weapon plants are surrounded by big flashing neon lights inviting journalists to come in and have a look around.

    Same old double standards Western hypocrisy.

    Same old failure to mention the only existing nuclear power in the Middle East.

    Same old failure to suggest any kinds of sanctions against Israel for its nuclear program and its 'too numerous to mention war' crimes.

    Same old 'US President goes to water when told what to do by Jerusalem' routine.

    Same old lack of justification for starting yet another totally stupid war against the Muslims.

    Same old madness by the West in driving Iran into China's sphere of influence.

    Same old, same old.
  10. LittleJim;
    I can see that you feel strongly about this, but there is one huge difference. Israel isn't a Non Proliferation Treaty signatory. As such, LEGALLY it can issue a personal tactical nuke to every Rabbi on its pre 1948 territory (also recognised by the UN), and the world can't do much more then send them a snotty letter.
    Iran DID sign, and has been caught, repeatedly, in breach of an agreement it went into willingly. It hasn't withdrawn, so must be held accountable as in deliberate breach of an international agreement.
    It's not the bomb programme per se. It's the clear evidence of really bad faith behind it that worries people.
  11. Indeed, these surveillance pictures make it look like Iran is upto something:

  12. According to the news I've read, the Iranians have sent this letter to the IAEA chief declaring this plant, just hours BEFORE Obama was due to make a speech revealing that Western intelligence has had it under surveillance for months.

    So, a pre-emptive confession from Tehran.
  13. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I seem to recall that in conversations (including on this site) for the last several years about the Israelis bombing the Natanz site and even the use of battfield nukes by the US (I seem to recall that Bush wouldn't 'take it off the table'), that it was pretty much worked out that Natanz did exactly what it said on the tin, and that it would be a complete waste of time as the Iranians would have a back up buried under a mountain. I seem to recall a suggestion to do a google search on 'Mithras Caves' and work it out from there.

    So all those who were calling for a strike on Natanz, which is probably exactly what the Iranians say it is, would have taken a move (á la the 'Shah's Game'), allowing fairly justifiably for an Iranian response, pretty much as they saw fit. As to all the threats about Natanz, that alone could be declared as sufficient threat to require a concealed (as in camouflaged) installation. As the Iranians say it wasn't that secret; they're right we've been talking about the probability for years on arrse!!

    (edited for multiple typos)
  14. I hope so.