Second hard drive/ previous OS problems


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i have installed my old hard drive from an old pc, so i could use my old music and such, but i also had Xp installed from my old machine, and despite being set up as a slave HD every now and then the pc starts up in XP.
also the hard drives are on seperate cables the master is one a SATA cable while the older slave drive is on an IDE Cable

is there anyway i can permanently delete the old system 32 folder with out formatting the drive? as i don't want to lose all my music and films stored on it and the other drive is too small to hold them

any help appraciated

"Documents and settings" is distinct from "Windows" so you should just be able to delete the Windows folder and any others, eg Program Files on the slave. You might get some weird association problems but essentially nothing major.
If all else fails then try this...

Transfer all the stuff you want to keep onto an ipod (after all it's only a hard drive) format your spare, then put all your stuff back.

Also a good idea: put your swap space on the second disk - it's a good idea to have it well separate from your boot disk.



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it seems to have worked now, i had to go into the folder and delete the files individually as opposed to the whole folder
I had a similar problem to this when I installed Vista on a hard drive previously loaded with XP. I saved everything that I wanted to disc and reformatted the HD to reload with Vista. It was once I'd loaded it, I realised that a hell of a lot of hard drive had been taken up (76 GB !!) I checked the programs files and it had the complete set of XP programs and files still there (40 GB worth) deleted all the XP stuff and now running nice and smooth :wink:
Easiest way is to copy all the files you want to keep from the old IDE drive to the new SATA drive then format the old IDE drive.

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