Second Hard Drive not appearing in My Computer

Hello All,

I've just fitted a second internal Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200rpm to my computer.

The BIOS knows its there, the Device Manager knows its there, but it won't appear in My Computer so that I can start backing files up on it. :x

How do I fix this?

Thank you in anticipation to your replies.
More information please?


Have you used disk manager to format and partition it?

Tell us more and we'll be able to help you more.
I've just found Disk Management and I'm putting it to rights now... The second after I posted the question. Typical : Sod's Law is alive and well. :p
It sounds like your new HDD needs formatting by your operating system.

If you are using XP Pro, go to 'Administrative Tools', then 'Computer management'. Find 'Storage' lower down and click on 'Disk Management' - both in the left hand pane.

On the right you should see all your HDD's and whether they are formatted or not.

Edited to add I need to type faster. :D
Windows and it's ability to asighn the same drive letter to more than one drive, been there done that. Keep the thread, it may help others.

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