Second-hand value of an AI AW?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by 4(T), Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. Any members of the Accuracy International fan club here?

    I'm thinking about being a bit avant garde and buying my first rifle that isn't largely made of wood and groups a bit tighter than "its on the Fig 11".

    How much is a used AW worth? One I have in mind is a bare rifle, no bipod/monopod, fairly shot barrel (2k+ rnds), one mag?

    p.s. if anyone knows of a fairly stock 7.62mm AW set for sale, I'd be grateful for the lead.
  2. They are very expensive and unless you intend to pot unsuspecting local taliban on the steps of the old bingo hall, before running off leaving a tatty beret and a RG cartridge case behind, I wouldn't bother.

    Ghilly suits attract attention around town I think you'll find!

    There are plenty of very good rifles out there, for every purpose and pocket.

  3. Looks like you've already spotted my weekend hobby..... I was planning to use an urban Ghilly suit of hi-vis vest and clip-board, though...

    I've seen and shot loads of current precision rifle, but I just happen to like the aesthetics and feel of the AE/AW system. Also very well aware of the residual values of various rifles!

    Apart from picking off Fig 11s at 1,000m, I have a sneaky plan to find a set of clamp-on target sights and cause outrage at my target club as well - can't bring myself to spend £2-3k on a target rifle that only fires one shot and has no other applications.

    Anyway, the main business case driver is that my wife had a go with an AE and liked it - so thats 90% of the domestic budget justification solved!
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  4. Which is why my long range pig popper of choice is a Dragunov, reliable, robust and cheap as chips here....
  5. have you checked out the RPA Interceptors?

    been using a mates one for last few years, its a nail driver at 500-600 yds, just as accurate as an AI for half the price, one in my local shop for £3250 new. another toy on my wish list......

    Interceptor Multi-shot Rifle | Rangemaster Precision Arms

  6. Or what about a Savage Model 10 BA (.308 ) or 110 BA (.300 Win Mag or .338 Lapua Mag). They get quite a good write up and I saw one of them recently for about £1600......

    Review in the May 2012 Target shooter: Target Shooter Magazine - May 2012
  7. How much is an AI chassis in the UK?

    I am planning on one too and have seen US price is around the $900 mark for a chassis, plus a Remy 700 in 7.62mm at around $600 then the BSA scope at $35.....joke, scope is the price point problem. I used to do .22 target rifle and only a little fullbore rifle so I ask advice, I have chatted with a couple of blokes and you can spend anything from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand on a scope for plate bashing at 1000 yards.
  8. The interceptor also drops in to an AI stock. Add an RPA action to this:
    Accuracy International stock for Remmy 700 SA or RPA £250 ono - For Sale (Free Adverts for Private Secondhand Items only) - UK Varminting

    And you could have a new rifle for very little money.
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  9. They are 'effin expensive in Oz.

    AI .308
  10. Especially now that APRS will build what you like, of comparable quality, for considerably less. AU$600+ for a bipod? I think not.
  11. ...You could consider HPS. They'll put an RPA Quadlite with a magazine into one of their aluminium stocks, can't be that much more than £3k for the whole thing including a new barrel, less scope. They've even got a more "tactical" stock, although I've never seen it in the flesh.
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  12. I've got a recent septic long range shooting mag article on the top ten to bu somewhere. I'll see if I can dig it out scan it and post it tomorrow.

    Quiet week this week, half term, no sparky school, and I have ashitty cold.