Second hand plaques wanted!

My ex sort of threw out a lot of my old stuff when I was on Exercise a few years ago, and I am looking at laying my hands on my old regimental plaques that went walkies.

I am willing to pay a reasonable price, so if anyone knows where I can find them, or if they have any clogging up the attic, it would be greatly appreciated if they could get in touch. Failing that, if anyone knows of any websites I could try, that'd be great too.

I am looking for:

1 RHA (Hohne, circa 90-1)
9/12 Lancers (Herford, 92-3)
1 (UK) ADSR (Herford, 94-5)
36 Engr Regt (Maidstone 96-99)
19 Regt RA (Colchester 99-00)
16 AA Regt RLC (Colchester 00-01)
KOSB (Catterick / Omagh 02-05)

I will accept standard regimental plaques, as I realise some of the ones with locations on could be hard to get.
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