Second-hand PC prices?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by ExplodingTrousers, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. I'm looking to get shot of my old PC, but I'm having trouble setting a price. I've been out of the loop for second-hand prices for quite a long time now; as eBay and craigslist don't strike me as being particularly useful - too much overpriced tat - does anyone know of anywhere that provides more realistic pricing?

    Or, failing that, could I post my PC's specs here and could someone in the trade value it?

    Either way, thanks in advance..

  2. I take no pleasure in telling you to prepare for disappointment. Unless it isn't too old or has some rather expensive additions such as a video card then you may well be in 'donating it to the needy' territory.
  3. Or just sell it to someone who is IT illiterate as a good "starter pc" for a couple of hundred. Always worked for me
  4. Post the specs on here and we'll all have a laugh. No mate to be honest dependent on spec/age/OS/ and other bits and bobs it might be worth chuff all. As mentioned give to the needy not the chaps at the tip who'll nab it.
    In the past I've kept hold of old IT stuff then flogged it at car boot sales. Some proper suckers there.
  5. Do people buy second hand stuff, when companies like Dell et al, sell PCs from a £250?

    Your best bet is to keep it for spares, to use for fault finding, replacing anything that goes in your new one.

  6. Most of the parts are about a year old, but I have no idea how much depreciation to factor in. The closest I've found on Micromart (thanks monkeyspanker) is being sold for about £400, and I wonder if that's not a little much. I may as well post the most pertinent bits here:

    Pentium D 940 Processor (3.2Ghz, dual core)
    Intel D945GNT motherboard
    2GB DDR2 667 RAM (4 x 512MB)
    Geforce 7600GT graphics card (256MB, PCI Express)
    DVD+/-RW drive
    250GB serial ATA-I hard drive
    Floppy drive
    Multiple card reader (memory sticks, SD, &c)
    LG L1811S 18" TFT monitor
    USB wireless network card / bluetooth dongle combo ( clicky )

    As I don't know anyone suitably muggish, it looks like trying my luck at a car boot sale might be the way forward. Does anyone know where I can buy an OEM copy of XP Pro cheaply? I doubt I could get away with selling it with linux...
  7. Aha, I hadn't thought about that. The Dell site's given me a good idea about what to charge. Cheers A_L :D
  8. I'm no expert but this isn't so bad. Presumably you are a gamer and need something nippier. I'd hold onto this as a house spare and buy one of those switches that run one monitor off two pooters.

    Ebay or Citnexus might be able to help you with the software.
  9. Put a bent copy on then tell the buyer he/she has to sort out a licence key.
  10. Depending on your IT uses, break it down and sell it as parts - you WILL get more than selling it as a complete PC.

    Or sell off the bits that you dont need, and use the remains as a "headless" Windows Home Server. Its what I did with an old pc, as the required specs are very low.

    Now, i had a complete drive failure on my main pc and because WHS just chugs along everynight backing up the drives and parts you told it to, i was able to put a new hard drive in my mian pc and in 35 mins its was completely rebuilt back to the way it was at 0200 the night before, all automatically, including MBR, registry outlook, everything.

    That to me, is the best backup device I have ever found. Plus you can run server tools on it like offsite backup of highly irreplaceable files, and your printer etc. And remote into it from work (over DII).

    You can sell off the monitor, 1/2 the memory, the gpu, the card reader. All you need to keep is the case, cpu, motherboard, hd and dvd drive. You will need a graohics card but the lowest, and i do mean LOWEST spec card you can find will suffice, all it has to do is 640x480 for initial setup then you unplug it.
  11. Papa_Lazarou beat me to it. Windows Home server is the way to go :D
  12. Lots of good advice here. After considering it all, it looks like disassembly is probably the best option; space is at a premium at ET towers. I'm keeping the CPU, hard/DVD drives, and half the RAM, and getting one of these to put them in. I probably won't be using Windows Home Server, though; I only have the one Windows machine (the rest run OS X and Linux), and I don't keep anything on it (never mind my prized collection of artistic donkey photographs) that's worth backing up...

    Many thanks again,

  13. I brought a reconditioned one from PC World for about £219.00.
    Not bad specs.