Second Hand Car Wnated

I am looking for a used car (any verchle) in any condition with in 60 mile of ediburgh. not to fussed about the engine size or what kind of engine it is as long as it goes. Top of my budget is £250, so if you can do any thing or if you can suggest any where i can get one please let me know.

It is only really for running about some field sand so on. Not a real problem if it's not designed to go off road it would be prefered ifit wasn'tanyway.


either just riply on here or
e-mail meat
Get yourself down your nearest auction and pick up a fifty quid banger. You'll be able to go through 5 of them for your budget.

You'll probably get a good deal as well.

any ideas when thatis inedinburgh?

The only real problem is thatI need it by mid week this week.

This is a begging mission.
try the local "SCOT ADS" on sale on wed & saturdays. you'll get loads of bangers in there. :D
actually my little brother has changed his mind all together now...

He is wanting a power-boat and he says that he has up to £600 so any ideas. completely different I know but you know what little brothers are like.

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