Second French Soldier dies in Somali Raid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bravomedic, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. Payback is a bitch.....

    French secret services cooperated closely with the USA on the attack which led to the death of al Shebab's leader Godane:

    Reportedly, "the elements for this operation - namely the precise identification of his truck and the road he was to follow - were sent to the Pentagon by the DGSE (French foreign intelligence, Ed) on explicit orders of the President of the Republic. "
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  2. "The Shebab (youth in Arabic) have said they "avenge" the death of Godane, naming Ahmed Umar Abu Oubaïda to succeed him."
    It would be so nice if the following day he also had a very close encounter with a drone.
  3. As a non-expert observer I have the impression that the French conduct this sort of direct hostage rescue activity rather more frequently than other nations.

    Is that accurate or do we just tend to hear about them more?
  4. SPIDER38

    SPIDER38 On ROPs

    doesn't anyone bother looking at dates ,this is old news and krom you are going to get the nickname trigger if you carry on [any more planes crashed in spain lately lol]
  5. Pot, this is kettle. Read the post prior to Krom's. Dullard.
  6. SPIDER38

    SPIDER38 On ROPs

    am i missing something here! ...they died two years ago RIP.
  7. The death of the two French DGSE operators is old news; what is new is that it has been avenged by their comrades from the same service who seem to have played a rather crucial role in the "fix" phase of the Op (and also possibly on the "find") which led to the death of Godane thanks to 2 Hellfire and 2 GBU-12 delivered by the US in a rather pyrotechnic"finish".

    This terrorist was responsible for the initial abduction of two DGSE operatives and the subsequent murder of one during the failed rescue attempt of January 2013 which also had caused the death of 2 members of the rescue team. During that fight, at least 17 Shebabs were killed by DGSE operators and French Tiger combat helicopters.
  8. He makes a fair point, I believe he was highlighting the auto-griefwhore setting some posters have not the fact that you had posted an update relevant to the initial report.
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  9. I did rather wonder how long it would be before al-kaitab media regretted releasing a video celebrating the " failed French raid".

    Bet they are a bit slower with their next video output.

    Whilst martyrdom is always portrayed as something to be wished for, I bet this whole "we love death as you love life" bollocks gets a bit tired quickly with La Legion breathing over your shoulder.

    Good Effort France!
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  10. I am guilty of griefwhoring. It was not intentional but in my defence comes from using a phone on the go rather than a lap top.

    However, it is good to know the agents have been avenged.

    And Spider. Fcuk off. There's a good chap.
    And CTD. Thanks.
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