Second Formal Interview

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Raz0rr, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Hey I was just wondering if anyone else on their first interview was made to do their ice breaker?? Well I was and now I'm thinking will I have to do it in the second interview I have on Friday?? And will the questions be any different that I am asked?

    Also they asked me alot on where the army are currently located, I know of Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq... Is there anywhere else I should look at mentioning?
  2. yeah i had to do my icebreaker just in front of the staff sergeant, be careful what you say about regiments or corps though because they will rip into you if you say something that they dont agree with (like saying i want to join such and such a regiment because theyre the best at what they do).
  3. Do yourseld a favour......use the "search" function up top. This question's been asked more than a few times before
  4. I did myself that favour, but no one mentioned the Ice breaker being brought up in their interviews.
  5. 8O I didn't have to stand up and do an icebreaker for my 2nd interview?!

    Is this common??
  6. Exactly that's what I'm asking - not about ice breakers in general.
    I had to do one in my first interview and I wanted to know if I have to in my second one or was the first recruiter just doing it randomly
  7. I've got to admit, me personally I didn't have to do the icebreaker in either of my interviews, however at the sametime from what I understand all the interviews and even the selection process itself is unique to the individual recruit...
  8. i did, it was bloody awful because i hadn't prepared at all.

    fortunately blagging is one of my skills.

    Just learn about what training you will go on and a little bit of history about your chosen regiments.
  9. hehe i failed misrably on my icebreaker in the interviews :D lasted like 20 secs.. but she didnt mind as i got prepared so.
  10. Are these officer interviews or soldier?
  11. Soldier I'm preparing to be an Installation technician.
  12. Shit that means I'll have to do it. So they expect ordinary grunts to know about where the army is posted? No wonder we're under 100 thousand...
  13. you mean now we know why we're the best trained army in the world?

    :) :)
  14. I know I'm struggling with the question "Ambition in life" I can't just say to join the army and do well because isn't that a bit obvious? :/