Second Class treatment for the TA

Which people, Sky News, The TA, Chillwell, the MOD, Scott Garthley or David Corrigan?

What are you trying to achieve? Recovery of the money you spent on private treatment, compensation for an injury sustained in service, or highlighting what you see as a failure of the system?

It is difficult to provide information unless we know more details, such as whether you were treated by MoD at all, and whether or not you were discharged from the TA. I would be interested to know what assistance and contact you had from the military system after return from theatre - pm me if you don't want to post here.

This might be better in Charities and Welfare.
Sorry fella's yes more details , firstly I would like to contact any other blokes who think they got a raw deal the sytem fcuked me.

Cut and paste

I feel I was mistreated by the MOD I volunteered to serve operationally believing the army would look after me. I gave up my full time job because I wanted to serve with the regular army I had hope to redeploys straight after my leave on another tour and make a career in the regular army. I do still hope this will be possible at some stage. I broke my arm on the 2nd August 2003 at about 3am, we where returning from Bagram when our WMIK Landrover crashed into a US Humvee. I was demobbed in October with my last day of service being the 24th November and put on to the TA disablement allowance (Set up for TA soldiers injured while training). I was told that I should have been demobilised immediately on my returned in August and that I had been lost in the system that’s the only reason I stayed mobilised for an extra 3 months. If I had be demobbed immediately I believe the situation would have been even worse as I was only entitled to stay on the TA disablement allowance for about approx 5-6 months which in its self was not long enough due to the fact I was told I would have to wait for an operation and that no medical board had been arranged.

In November 03 it became apparent my bone was not mended and I would require an operation. But I was told there was 6-9 month wait. Contacted RTMC Chilwel no help real was offered told to contact TA Medical Officer.

In the month between the TA disablement running out and the med board the MOD would only pay me approx £60 a week after the board I was awarded £1300 for the year even though I had limited use of my arm and nearly a complete limp wrist due to the radial nerve being knocked out in the operation to mend my arm. I had the operation done privately at my parent’s expense (£4000 approx) this brought the operation forward by about 3-5 months. If I had waited for the operation, the TA disablement allowance would have run out at maybe 4 months before the operation would have even taken place, never mind the recovery time for my arm and nerve. This would have left me with in affect a broken arm and what ever amount of money the med board would have awarded me for the year I can not imagine it being more than £2000 but this is only my opinion. As you can imagine I am a young active young man I was desperate to get on with my life the thought of months of waiting was not an option. I believed the fact I broke my arm while on active service, while conducting a patrol the MOD would look after me and I would receive the full support of the regular army.

I was not entitled to stay mobilised as a result I was thrown back into TA System that was not really set up to deal with me. I had hoped that RTMC would have helped support me; Support did arrive but only after my unit making contact. Support was slow and not always useful. For example being sent on a 2-week pyhsio course travelling all the way to Nottingham and then sent back on the same day because the course was not suited for my injury. Eventually I was referred to Hedley court, rehab specialists but I would have to wait 3 months for rehab treatment when I needed the treatment at the time. What annoys me was the 2-tear system that was in place if you were compulsory mobilised then you would stay mobilised until fully fit if you volunteered then you were demobbed on return from theatre, even though you volunteered in the first place.

There is another soldier in my Company who broke his leg while playing football about the same time I broke my arm, he was compulsory mobilised on Op Telic and is still fully mobilised. It’s been 18 months since I was demobilised at the time my arm was only just out of plaster and we now no the bone was non-united. I was demobbed in under an hour with no real welfare brief at all a (2 min phone call)

When I was eventually supposed to go for rehab it was to late. I has just had the metal work out so the bone was still healing. I was working full time as an SSI I felt I could not leave the school in the lurch for a month after I had only being working for one month. I am at present waiting for a medical board I am P7 at the moment meaning I am totally un deployable I would like to be Fit for Role as soon as possible this meaning I can return to my TA role as an Infantryman. I have approached my local MP and had a short meeting but no more has been heard.

Now back to P2 fellas but bluffed the board a bit
gijoe said:
If that makes me an ARAB then so be it.
I think it probably does. Can't really answer your post without being either holier than thou or a whiner so well done for covering all the bases.

I take it your current posting is with TA? So glad the Reg Army at long last have seen the light and are giving us their 1st 11 superstars rather than the 2nd 11 disaffected types we've become so used to.
What annoys me was the way I was spat out of system, I thought It would look after me with my health. Yes I agree I chose to go and I accept what happened, but the two tear system is what fcuked me off. That fact RTMC washed there hands with me while p7. They basically said I was not their responsibility any more.
gijoe - your ignorance and judgmental attitude simply makes you appear a knob rather than an ARAB. The only purpose your post has served is to assist the rest of us to form our own opinion of you. Do you have anything of substance to say, or is your only contribution going to be a ludicrous stereotyping of the TA?

The failure of the support network described above applies equally to many regulars who have been injured. The original poster clearly has some legitimate concerns which do not appear to have been addressed by those who should be helping him and others.

schoolstafinstructor - I cannot assist you to contact the other people involved. However, you may find the RBL (020 7973 7236) helpful; they have people who deal specifically with cases like yours. You may also find that your Regimental Association can ask questions on your behalf.
polar said:
Thats what I thought, not many regular officers in TA Signals Regiments.
With an interest in helicopters...

gijoe - are you serious or just joking.
Please tell me its the latter. If not, I'm afraid you might have upset a few people.

I have seen both sides and have been appalled at how the TA are SOMETIMES treated. I made an extra effort with the guys we were sent as augmentees for TELIC 1, and I would like to think my Regt took good care of the TA guys before, during but more importantly perhaps, after as well.

That siad, from my time with the TA (2 yrs attachment) there are some who give the rest of them a bad name. Perhaps this is what gijoe means, I hope it is (throwing you a line here gijoe!). That does not detract from what this post is about; sadly there are too many cases of TA guys (oops and gals!) getting stiffed (oops again, scuse the pun!) which only serves to send the 'special relationship' into a downward spiral/vicious circle.
msr said:
With an interest in helicopters...
If only I had some paper work to take to RHQ (and see whats on everyones PC :lol: ), although I expect a certain corrider has been busy this morning

(edited to say - remark above is an inhouse/unit joke - I'm not pointing any fingers)
This issue arose at a recent meeting which was attended by a 2* and other senior people. Although there are some in the corridors of power who imagine that there is no problem with TA pers who are injured on ops, the reality of the situation has been recognised. It will inevitably take time for any changes to the system to take effect, and there remain some (human) obstacles to overcome, but there are already some initiatives in place.

If anyone who has been injured on OP TELIC or other operation thinks they are not getting the right follow-up post RCDM/Chilwell, please pm me in confidence. I can, after verifying that you are not a journo, put you in touch with someone within the healthcare system who can help ensure you get the right care. Confidentiality is assured.
I cannot possibly comment on your situation however i would like to say the the thick retarded few in the regular army that most of the TA who come on operational tours are outstanding soldiers , so the stupid comments you make slagging off the TA just make yourselves look complete dicks . All soldiers be they Regular or TA should have the same benefits across the board , i only hope that ''schoolstafinstructors case gets resolved soonest .

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