Second chance


War Hero
Yeah I understand that, it just gave me a sense of purpose that I hadn't experienced before or ever since. I am thinking of the army, my role would be information technology, I believe it would be the royal signals and from the website it is a priority role.

Perhaps it's worth a shot.
You can only ask mate. Best of luck.


I understand that, ultimately they have to set standards and by the nature of the job their standards must be very high. It is disappointing still. I am thinking of trying the army, my role would be priority at the moment so who knows.

You didn't pass out, it is not your role!. Its a role too which you aspire too. I really wouldn't get your hopes up. You fucked it up once whislt you were still in training wjat on earth makes you think that you would be afforded a second chance?.
The FFL is currently looking for educated Westerners. With your origin, fitness and maturity you would stand a good chance of being selected (1 out of 6 candidates get selected at the moment).

The average age of FFL joiners is 23.