Second batch of secret papers found on train

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. Another triumph :roll:

    "A second set of secret government intelligence papers has been found on a commuter train, it was revealed last night.

    The Treasury files included an assessment of the weaknesses in the trade and banking systems in Iran that would-be terrorists could exploit to finance weapons of mass destruction.

    They also highlighted potential methods of terrorist funding, including how to defraud commercial websites and international payment systems, as well as outlining Britain’s policies on fighting global terrorist funding, drug trafficking and money laundering.

    The documents were found by a commuter on a train bound for London’s Waterloo station on Wednesday and handed to The Independent on Sunday."

    On the same day another set of secret files regarding the Al-Qaeda threat and Iraqi security forces was handed to the BBC. A senior intelligence official with the highest level of security clearance had left the papers on a train from Waterloo to Surrey last Tuesday.

    The latest documents to come to light were prepared in advance of a global financial crime conference in London, bringing together members of the international Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which begins tomorrow.

    The files include criticism of countries such as Iran, which have signed up to the FATF’s standards, and detail the weaknesses of the British HM Revenue and Customs’ IT systems, which track financial fraud.

    Among the briefings were also draft speeches for senior British officials who are due to address FATF representatives at a reception at 11 Downing Street, on Wednesday.

    Alistair Darling, the chancellor, who is in Japan for a G8 summit, has been told of the latest information breach and the Treasury last night insisted it would take action. “We are extremely concerned about what has happened and will be taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen in the future,” a spokeswoman said.

    The Cabinet Office civil servant who mislaid the documents that were handed to the BBC analysed data and provided reports for the Joint Intelligence Committee using information gathered by MI6, GCHQ and foreign intelligence services. He has been suspended.

    The files, found in an orange cardboard envelope, included a seven-page report on Al-Qaeda “vulnerabilities” and refer to assessments of the terrorist group in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Each page was marked “For UK, US, Canadian and Australian eyes only”.

    An investigation into the case by Sir David Omand, the former permanent secretary for intelligence and security, has been launched, and police are also looking into the matter.

    However, Scotland Yard said last night that it was not involved in investigating the latest case.

    Baroness Neville-Jones, the shadow security minister, said last night the government needed to “get a grip” on the issue of protecting sensitive data. “This is another incidence of the failure of the government to safeguard sensitive information and yet another example of a lapse in discipline,” she said.

    “In this case, had the content been released, the potential consequences could have included prejudicing the UK’s position in international meetings – the government cannot allow this to continue.”
  2. Traditionally, the most dangerous things in the world have been:
    (1) An officer with a map: (2) A matelot with a rifle.
    It is now time to add a new one i.e. (3) A civil servant with a classified document.
  3. Once is misfortune , twice is bollox, and are they both Eyes 5?

    And both handed to media outlets, not the Transport or other Police? If any of us found something marked 'SECRET' we'd hand it to the nearest Cop Shop or Armed Forces unit.

    It's bollox and it smells like Dingo's clockweights.
  4. Not me. Via the Sun, News of the World, Sunday Times and BBC, the public should be made aware. The more accountable these people become, the less chance of a repeat offence; and the more embarrassed the security service is made by exposure of their incompetence, the better. Hide it all away behind a dirty macintosh of secrecy and nobody learns.
  5. You speak for yourself pal. Me? I'd be right on the dog and bone looking for the highest bidder.
  6. I think its high time we actually employed sean connery, he never forked up like this bunch of goons, honestly what chance do our lads have when overpaid wakners like this are carrying this stuff about? Well unless this is of course an act of dis-information or subterfuge of the public to justify that we are actually out there for the right reason, if thats the case it's a last balls out 2-1 bet by Herr Braun, making the populace think they in the green seats actually give two shits. Much as I don't like the man as PM he must be gripped sweeping up Tony's mess!!!!!!!!!
  7. Im just waiting for the Government spin of "If all civil servants had there own cars this wouldnt happen"
    And then watch us paythrough the nose for private transport for these W***ers
  8. I wonder what security measures the media employ for safekeeping originals and photocopies of official PM documents. Do you reckon they keep them in authorised stowages and subject themselves to third-party random spot checks, PxP musters and routine inspections?
  9. Maybe they will call for encrypted papers next?
  10. I'll bet the now suspended from work civil servant who suposedly left this file on a train isn't and won't ever be at liberty to discuss the truth. I'd love it if the day these papers were allegedly lost/planted he'd hopped off the train at the last moment and changed his travel plans completely- not that the truth would necessarily come out even then.
    Liar liar pants on fire fukcing government scum
  11. It's no big deal, it happens all the time nowadays.

    I'm not sure what's worse. Leaving a secret document on a train or all the extra litter these documents are causing. Maybe we should be issued with a red wheelie bin to sit alongside our brown and blue bins, for Top Secret collection days, that'd sort the problem.
  12. Hmmm...

    Me thinks that someones, 'At It'....!
  13. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    perhaps they should decide to abandon offices and work in trains instead :lol:
  14. FFS. Right, new plan. All secure data stores are to be thrown open to spies and foreign intelligence services free of charge. They're the only bloody places where they're guaranteed not to find anything of interest.