Second attempt

Afternoon all,

I did post a couple of days ago regarding places that you can go with the TA, but no one had any ideas???

Can you once you are trained and traded apply to go anywhere that the British army are serving?

Try armynet and search for FTRS posts.
Seconded, the RAOL is published every friday is basically a list of posts that need filling, the FTRS section will give you all the details better than I can (search for RAOL if you can't find anything)
How about you clarify the question

Are you talking about Operational Tours, Exercises or Postings?

Op Tours is down to the need at the time but if you want Iraq/Afghanistan there are plenty of slots out there

Exercises are a short term thing and are normally by invitation only, for example we had a bunch of lads and laddettes go to Belize for 6 weeks last year, our SPSI didn't call round looking for spaces he simply responded to a flyer that went out to the units asking if anyone fancied going. However if you have a good SPSI and there is somewhere you fancy I'm sure a few phone calls might prove fruitful, the difficulty however is if your Regt will pay you for it as it will probably come out of their budget.

And lastly if you are talking postings then that's the world of the Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS), these are slots normally specialist or administrative that are filled by TA and reservist soldiers on 2 year9ish) engagements. There are lots on them but are often capbadge/trade/rank ranged, your brand new post CMSR tom doesn't usually fit the profile, also there has to be the need, you can't just rock up to your SPSI and demand a 2 yrs job at a Watersports storeman in Cyprus

Does any of that help ? What exactly are you looking for ?
Cheers Wellyhead.. I would have ben a little more knowledgable if i could but i only just moving along the TA ladder. Your post answers everything that I need to know, and a great insight, I cant wait to take some of them up once im trained and traded!
Well if you've got six fingers on each hand and webbed feet try for a posting to West Tofts camp cookhouse :D

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