Second and Third job choices

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by parabol, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. I was wondering what the circumstances would have to be for your second or third job choice to override your first choice.

    I'd massively want to stick with my first choice all the way, but is there a scenario where you'd be forced to have to take your secondary or third route?

    All I have left in terms of stopping me getting my choice is the TST at ADSC. If I pass this, do I securely have the job in my hands?
  2. I only put one choice down mate, Just Para Regt. Dunno what would of happened if i had failed selection but? i took the chance
  3. I wasn't asked until my interview the other day. I did some research on back-up jobs, as I knew he was bound to ask me eventually. He also told me to pick a job from a different regiment, as if I were to fail to get my first job choice (Royal Signals) I wouldn't be able to join any from the Royal Signals at all.

    So my third job choice is a bit of a random one, with not too much interest in it really. Having to research it makes me feel like I'm preparing to fail my first choice.
  4. You dont have to take your 2nd and 3rd choices mate, if they offer you them and you dont fancy it. you can turn them down
  5. True, I imagine even if I didn't get the required TST score there will be option to re-try it.
  6. i ended up taking my 3rd choice due to waiting times, i really wanted to do all of them though!
  7. You could be in a position where you can't do your first job choice because of your performance at selection (TST, team tasks or general strength). TST you can re-do a month later
  8. In my final interview at ADSC they wouldn't offer me my first choice, never explained why, they offered me my 2nd and 3rd though, took my 2nd.
    Make sure all 3 choices are jobs you want to do and theirs no worries.
  9. You say that, however all of my job choices are within the royal signals
  10. I first applied few yrs ago but was deferred due to a screw up by my docs, but gonna apply again in bout 6 months after this course im doin ends.

    I got 98 on the barb and id planned to go with Combat Engineer as my 1st option, with Tank crewman 2nd and Infantryman 3rd.

    Gettin antsy now as im lookin forward to applying. Barb for the 2nd time lol
  11. I got told somethin similar by the recruiting sergeant, tho that was a while ago indeed. Plus bein Glaswegian i had issues understanding the fella ;)
  12. Are you allowed to put both Officer and Soldier roles down?
  13. It's my understanding you have to apply for one or the other, as they both have different methods of selection.
  14. This is true, both have completely different application routes.