Sebb Blatter needs to clean up FIFA. So brings in a war criminal.


I didn't think Hank was still alive, although he's only 88 I looked him up. The man about whom Tom Lehrer said something along the lines of;

'I gave up satire when Kissinger received the Nobel peace prize.'

Also he'd be in the time frame for Alzheimers, just the man to investigate something you want forgotten.
Well they do need a bit of ethnic cleansing at Fifa & all the other war criminals have only recently retired from public office & are too busy completing & promoting book deals.

According to his agent & publicist max clifforde, Henry has done all that & is now looking for a new challenge.


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kissinger has to be the most misguided man in politics - I think he was the one who came up with the 'we wont bomb the vietnamese antiaircraft missiles because they know we can so they wont fire them' arguament in the middle of rolling thunder which cost a lot of airmen their lives and liberty.

shows how out of touch blatter is with the world.
Sebb Blatter was branded a villan in tonight's question time.

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