Sebastian - The Case for the Defence

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sebastian_r, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. Although I have already introduced myself on the OTC Forum, I feel that given the way my last few posts have been received by many, it may be useful to reproduce my introduction for a wider audience. Here it is:

    Good afternoon!

    I'd just like to add a short post to introduce myself, if I may. As the more astute among you may have guessed from my nick, my name is Sebastian. I'm a student at Bennies (St Benet's Hall) and a proud member of the Oxford UOTC. When I graduate I very much hope to be commissioned into The Rifles or the Foot Guards - none of that line nonsense for me! Hope to get to know some of you and join in the fun.

    I must say that in the week or so that I have been aware of ARRSE's existence, I have found it to be an amusing and informative resource as well as an introduction to the mindset of the British soldier. That being the case, I am slightly hurt that I have been given such a frosty reception.

    I have noticed that this reception has come mainly from those in the supporting ranks and I think this is telling. To those to whom it applies - I think you have got me quite wrong. I fully intend to be a career officer and I try to cultivate the right mindset to that end. Some of you many mistake that mindset for arrogance but, again, you are wrong. I am simply a young man who believes in traditional military values in a world that seems to despise them. I am a great supporter of hierarchy and intend to serve my future superior officers to the best of my ability. Excuse me if I make no apology for expecting the same from those set below me.

    I have worked hard to get where I am and intend to continue to rise. I hope that you can support me in that and let me be a useful member of your community here. And at least I now know what 'wah' is!

    We are the best army on Earth.
  2. You really are a dick
  3. Those things in bold are likely to offend people. Try and work out why.
  4. Oh, I also think you're a dick.
  5. Oi, Rupert! WTF?!WIth an elitist and self-centred attitude like that, don't be surprised at the reception you get here.Expect a tough time from any NCO's you plan to "lead" in the future.The Men are apt and able to perform a number of tricks that will discredit and harrass you at every turn.Try not being a n arrogant prig and maybe you'll get somewhere.

    Also, WAAAH?!?!
  6. I thought throbbers like you died out after WW1. Please let us know if you manage to get into the army and please let us know what happens when you go round telling 15 year stripeys with more medals than you have had shags the correct way of doing thing.
  7. You may find this difficult to appreciate but I do stand by all that I say. I notice, however, that some of the humour in my original introduction may not have been obvious. I am thinking particularly of the 'line nonsense' comment. I do have the greatest of respect for ordinary line regiments and I think all would have to agree that they make a superb contibution but, honestly, I always aim for the best, not the most comfortable.

    And at the risk of encouraging you, to those who respond to my every post with 'dick' or 'wah' - please continue, your rhetoric is worthy of Cicero.
  8. Damn those supporting rankers!!! You sir, are indeed a dick. Sh1t off!!!
  9. Can we feed him to Dale?
  10. Ok, lets take this...
    As an Oxford undergraduate you should know the meaning of "irony"?

    Please say you haven't passed AOSB?
  11. its either a brilliant windup
    or a truly ignorant fool.
    sort of idiot who got a strop on when the TA got in on the marching song thing.
    with a rendition of Rupert Rupert the bear :twisted:
  12. It may be a wild stab in the dark here, but I get the feeling that young Sebastian is going to be short on friends.
  13. If he keeps up talking siht he may well get a wild stab in the dark
  14. Oi wedgey stop it, this has got to be you, as no one can really be this dense, unless they are Wahhing it :)