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SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: SAS hero launches full frontal assault on the Army's diversity drive

I won't ask how you know that.
Old joke. Something about a business man on a trip to Japan being provided with company for the night by his hosts. She’s screaming “bushada” so he bangs away harder. Next day he’s golfing with his hosts and gets a hole in one. They all smile politely, but tell him “bushada”. When he asks them what is means they tell him “wrong hole”.


Kit Reviewer


Kit Reviewer
You do the subtitles on 'those' DVDs, don't you?
It's not as easy as you think, try spelling, "Uuurrrggghhhh !" in Korean.
It's one thing for anonymous usernames to discuss diversity on arrse, but this time there's an illustrious General calling it out (albeit retired).

But he's making a reasoned point based on military effectiveness.

He's not writing off swathes of people because their (insert here : gender/orientation/ethnicity/faith) automatically renders them lesser beings, or part of an existential threat to either British values or our combat capabilities.

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