Seatbelts in the back of rovers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by polar69, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. I had the occasion to read the "Defence Driving Review 2005" today and saw an article stating that troops should not be carried in the back of rovers unless seatbelts were fitted. Can anyone verify this ? If I have blokes in the back of a rover am I breaking Army Law ?

    Also saw a piccy of a seating rack to be fitted istead of the bench seats in the back of TCV's, anyone seen these yet ? I feel it is only fair to give my passengers a sporting chance
  2. You're supposed to have proper seats & restraint fitted for carrying passengers. Easy sum is 'number of seats = number of seatbelts = number of people you can carry.
  3. So no seatbelts = cargo carrying only ?

    Has anyone seen seatbelts in the back of rovers ?
  4. Your meant to take passengers/operators in buses to the training area and then transfer them to the back of your FFRs/4 Tons once on area.

    I've not seen the official paperwork either, yet received numerous b*ll*ckings for ignoring numerous new crappy rules (normally the bloke that got this hoards the info for themselves - information is power etc).

    Being in TA this means we tend to not deploy green fleet (lack of SNCO's for drivers :yawnstretch: i.e. need two drivers for 1 det, so far easier to send white fleet)
  5. Seatbelts are on the CES for wolf land rovers but dont hold your breath on drivers fitting them as its something easily lost and then billed for
  6. Some possibly not part of the CES for a 110 then , the article did say "TUM" rather than model of rover
  7. 40 miles max in a TCV as long as you have carried out a risk assessment.

    No ammo in back on L/ROVERS either unless for immediate use.

    Also its the sideways facing passengers in L/ROVERS which is the issue.
  8. our rovers (long base 110s) either have a seat for one or a bench seat for two facing rear against the bulkhead with harness type seatbelts
  9. I can recall having land rovers with seat belts back in the 1970's in Armagh and Tyrone. They also had seats which hooked over the side and were fitted with a roll cage with a pintle mounted GPMG.

    There were not enough seats to go round and they became prized items since mobile patrols were often very long and it prevented getting a numb arse.
  10. Aren't the Alton Towers type seats being retro fitted to all the green fleet? I heard thatthe ABROs are working overtime to get this done asap.
  11. UK seatbelt law only covers forward facing seats i.e. fold down seats in the back of Discovery's don't need belts.
    Is this a military only edict?
  12. You may see them in the back of the new MAN trucks.
  13. I spoke to GSV IPT ref the supposed new seats for 4 Tonners. They said only a limited supply and they will only be issued to RTCs.

    Anyone know anything different?
  14. That could be interesting, we don't have a green fleet to fit them to! I don't kow about other RTCs, we have hired minibuses.
  15. Bedfords in the unit now have Forward Facing Seats reducing capacity to 14 so more trucks drivers now needed, the rules are such that passengers in the rear side facing seats of L/Rovers are to be avoided and if they must then there are limits on the time they can travel like this.