Seat belts in the back of 4 tonners?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by StumpyHussar, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Was driving on the M4 outside Bristol a few weeks ago and passed two old Bedford RL's. Both painted in army racing green not a clue what unit but the back canvas was rolled up and they had the standard seating down the middle. Only thing is they had lots of individual seats mounted on a frame, I think, all with seat belts and they also had what looked like 'grab-handles' on top of each one.

    Is this something in our elf n safety times that is the norm when travelling in the back of lorries? Must admit it would make sense as they are a bit lethal if turned over when packed out. If so it must be a logistic nightmare for any SQMS when trying to get troops to/from areas. When I was in they resembled cattle trucks and if anyone nowadays saw us on top of a Stolly going for a shower in Soltau they'd have a dicky-fit :D
  2. One of my mates from back home was involved in an accident that highlighted the seriousness of the lack of protection in March.

    It wasn't the first time it happened either....
  3. I knew there were old Bedford MJs still in service but an RL? Shureley shome mishtake!

  4. Sure they weren't re-enactor wagons?

    I thought there was a ban on using HeliBedfords as TCV's on public road moves, hence the White fleet?
  5. MMMM Bedford RLs, AEC MK1 & Mk3s, SLR, SMG.........Jumpers for Goal Posts.......those were the days eh?................MMMMMMMMMMM
  6. Yup that were them, must admit that I was a little surprised myself as we never had any issued in the 70's/80's! Must admit though that the green was faded but I thought they might be STAB lorries. They must be for some special group then, the seats were dirty and looked well used from what I saw.

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  7. That sort of answeres me question then doesn't it? That's a no then :(
  8. The seating you’re referring to is now the requirement for carrying troops in the back of trucks.

    It’s a retrofit option so basically a big cage that fits onto the load area, it contains a moulded chair, with a pointy bit that sits in your crotch, a four point belt and a head cage.

    The idea being that when it rolls, you're in a cage and will be protected.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys have had to have them fitted to carry people on shows or re-enactments??
  9. These are the new TCV Enhanced Seating modules:

    I can't believe there are any RLs still in service - must have been a civvy outfit.
  10. Thats them very bad boys and just as mucky. I don't suppose they were trials vehicles maybe? If it was for airsoft walts then there should be a rule that they're banned from using them so to reduce the gene pool.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Theyre scrap seats from Alton Towers last cack yourself ride!