Seasons Greetings

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by red_arrse, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. Merry Chrimbo you Feckers! :santa:
  2. Fallschirmjager - full of the Winterval Spirit as usual. Glenlivet?
  3. Feckin' charming!
  4. I've got a few duties over the Christmas period. I do deserve them though. :D
  5. Bah Fekin Humbug too

    my christmas spirit is thanks to Bushmills!

  6. Ill drink to that. A quality whisky allway helps the festive season slip into oblivion! (hic) etc....
  7. I ******* hate christmas it took me 2 ******* hours to find some perfume shit for my misses today and it cost £50! Ow well the deals at the shops on Boxes of drink are great!
  8. CAUBEEN??? :?
  9. And remember to behave this year!!!!
  10. Yeh Merry xmas and a happy 2008. :D
  11. Behave? me Madam?

    oh you mean - dont get drunk and knock someone out ?

    well ive learnt my lesson!

    and if I do, Ill make sure there are no witnesses this time :oops:
  12. Merry Christmas to all - on and off duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Merry chrimbo everyone
  14. Merry Christmas cnuts! From a ( :D) Veteran..... :D (I'm only 34!!!)