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Fallschirmjager - full of the Winterval Spirit as usual. Glenlivet?
I ******* hate christmas it took me 2 ******* hours to find some perfume shit for my misses today and it cost £50! Ow well the deals at the shops on Boxes of drink are great!
Behave? me Madam?

oh you mean - dont get drunk and knock someone out ?

well ive learnt my lesson!

and if I do, Ill make sure there are no witnesses this time :oops:
Merry Christmas cnuts! From a ( :D) Veteran..... :D (I'm only 34!!!)
happyb xmas you are all a miserable bunch of cXXnts!!
Everyone thinks thier are the most amuzing folks on the plant. Get a grip people!

Merry Christmas to all that know me & those that don't, well merry christmas anyway & I hope we'll met in the new year.

To all. . . . . . . . be good & enjoy xxxxxxxxxxxx

To all: A Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year in 2008!
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