Seasons greetings fellow Arssers


Before I sign off for the hols and lock my laptop away I'd like to wish all of you even the gits a happy and safe Chrimbos and to those on Ops come home safe!
to all, thanks for a great year. no hard feelings, its been great to have the odd spat, hope you all have a great time, keep safe see you all real soon..............

Hear Hear,

Merry Christmas & a Happy Hogmannay

here's to 2011...
merry christmas to all arrsers and all those on ops! I'll raise a glass in your general direction!


Have a fantastic and drunken Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone...mind the mistletoe! Merry Christmas to 1RIR, the Irish guards and all the other people on ops at the moment!

Happy Christmas to all of you sex offending, foul mouthed belligerent bastards.

If your on ops lads and lasses stay safe.


Book Reviewer
Seasons greetings to all and I hope there are many drinking injuries to report.
And to start it all off, TRBD has a broken leg, hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Very Merry Christmas & a Happy & Prosperous New Year to all fellow ARRSE'rs wherever you may be... and those in sandy climes have the best Christmas you can do, avoid the GunFire on Chrimbo morning as those Senior chaps may have done something nasty in the tea urn! ask them if you can just have a cup of the Rum minus the Tea ;)

Have a Great Christmas everyone and wishing you a safe tour...

Bah Humbug



Got me Turkey larded with some french dry cured ham (nearest thing I could get to bacon) ready to pop into the oven with loads of roast spuds, my son has sent me a xmas pud, so all ready to be washed down with some nice vino tomorrow!
Happy Christmas to all from sunny N. Africa!!
Merry Christmas from the frozen North!!!!
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