Seasonal Irritation.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BedIn, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. When I came home from a fruity summer tour a few years ago I was mortified to see that national media was not covering anything going on in Theatre, but was getting hugely spun up by the approaching final of Strictly Come Dancing. That boiled my piss.

    Now they're at it again and my ulcer is throbbing again. I swear, it triggers minor festive season PTSD.
  2. We live in a feckless shallow society whereby actors pretending to be doctors and nurses or policemen actually earn 5-6 times as much
    as the real thing and are adored by the masses,................Get used to it. But yes it chews my grit as well and not because it gets more air time than what the lads n lasses are doing
    on ops...........................i just hate self appreciating celebrities with a particular dislike for 'reality' tv
  3. I wouldn't get too stressed over it BedIn - at least the efforts of those involved these days are being recognised to a great extent by various TV programs, homecoming parades, high profile charities (HFH), media types who go out on the ground with the troops, and greater recognition of PTSD.

    Just be grateful that you weren't in NI back in the day. The press and TV didn't want to know, the terrorists got most of the air time, and the government gave even less of a f*ck than they do now. PTSD? Man up and carry on.

    And definately no parades...

    Still, as they say, soldier on!

    Mind you, which would rather have - numptie civvies saying how much they admire your efforts before going back to their brain dead "reality shows", or the respect of your mates and the old and bold who know what the current generation of troops are going through? I know which would be more important to me.

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  4. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Does Afghanistan have sluts in sparkly dresses kicking their ankles behind their ears?

    I ******* think not.

    That's why no one wants to watch your war on the telly.

    Mmmmm sluts.
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  5. It was the night before Christmas, business as usual for the (insert unit here) as the lads dodged Improved Explosive Devices thrown at them from Taliban positions. Fighting Cooks sweated to steam 540 puddings flown in by our readers from Brize Norton in a specially chartered media ops flight.

    Grown men wept openly as Token Strumpet sang Men of Harlech from her new album, while David Cameron rehearsed his great speech under fire, in front of a mirror with his lad in his hand.

    Meanwhile the Afghan National Army interrupted their Seasonal Pilfering to dance a tribute to The Prophet (Blessings and Peace be Upon Him) and mourn the day that Uncle Karzai's stash was raided.

    And the Americans, unable to find Three Wise Men among their number did weep openly as an A-10 bombed their "Real Life Nativity Scene" in error.

    In other newsw, this year's Christmas Crib competition was won by the FFL. Judges praised their devotion to the task, overwhelmed as they were by sitting around doing sweet FA in Kosovo all year.

    Etc, etc.

    Copyright: THE DAILY ****
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  6. Never heard of bachi baza?
  7. Ah but that's normally only on Thursday night and as far as I'm aware not generally televised, which is a relief to be honest.
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  8. Although it's a slightly less disgusting spectacle than Celebrity Come Dancing.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Of course, when programmes like the Millies, Ross Kemp, the young soldiers and Sandhurst documentaries get aired, everyone is quick to criticise them for being exploitative, inaccurate, edited to make the military look bad, etc.

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't!
  10. Seasonal irritation is that where she gets a dose of Robin rather than Thrush?
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  11. about STD not PSTD ... oops :razz:my bad ...
  12. To be fair, I have no gripe with Strictly - my five year old daughter likes the dresses. As do I, but in a completely different way.

    Equally, I don't really expect 24hr coverage of Ops. But I don't really expect 24 hr coverage of a ******* game show either.

    However, the whole affair does remind me of the shock of coming home and realising what had been my world for 7 months was very different to the one I'd returned to; not so much colder and greener as with totally different priorities.

    However, I would stick out the back of any one of the be-sequinned East European hoofers at the drop of a failed Brucey gag.
  13. Having been laid up for the last few days with the most debilitating illness known to man (a bit of a sniffle) I ventured out for some Christmas shopping today and rediscovered one of the eternal truths of the season: there's nothing quite so capable of sapping your goodwill towards your fellow man as actually encountering your fellow man.

    Or in this case, woman. Specifically, middle-aged women. Of the sort who seem blithely unaware that their shopping bags - the ones with sharp corners - are swinging about at shin height as they step backwards into the flow of the crowd, their eyes glued on a particularly naff and irrelevant piece of shiny-shiny.

    Sanity will only prevail in this troubled world when you're allowed to defend an assault charge with a plea of psychological self-defence.
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  14. Yes, they're called Royal Marines.

    Royal never goes anywhere without a sparkly dress in his kit bag.
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  15. However, the whole affair does remind me of the shock of coming home and realising what had been my world for 7 months was very different to the one I'd returned to; not so much colder and greener as with totally different priorities.

    That is the real meaning of life