Seasick Steve

He's not sea sick. He's Lying Steve. What a cnut!
Aaargh! Syncronicity!

I'd never even heard of this bloke until last week. I was in the bowling alley at Valley (Rainy dump that it is) and this bloke was on the jukebox... or so I thought, and I asked the barman who it was.

He said that it was on his ipod which he'd hooked up to the bar speakers 'cause he was sick of the jukebox's contents. And now here he is again...

Which is my way of saying, Yeah, he's good isn't he?
Saw him live earlier this year in Newcastle, and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen....Not much stage set, just him, his son and a drummer...

Was only 17 quid, and way better than some concerts I've paid over 50 for.
The13thDukeOfWybourne said:
What's up C_J? Not enough beats per minute to get your glowsticks going?
Silly Boy! If only you knew :wink:
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