Seargant dating recruit......Help?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Holls, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Hiiaa.. i need some help!
    my friend has recently singed up for the army and has started txtin/meetin her recruiter/seargant . she hasnt told me what egzactly has gone on beetween them but i do know that shes been over his flat a few times but she wouldnt tel me more.. im just wondering what would b the concequences if anyone found out that there was anything goin on beetween them?

  2. Say all again after, Re:

    But this time, in English.
  3. He isn't part of her training staff at phase 1, so I suspect that it is fine.

    Do you begrudge people meeting, and getting on?

    Are you still a virgin? Are you a munter with a head like fire-damaged stickle-bricks?

    I'll give you one :) (and quite possibly your mate)

    Post photos of you both please.
  4. Post some nude photos of your mate and we'll take an educated guess as to whether he is helping her to swot or swallow!

  5. :D
  6. ........ LOL

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  7. You're triplets?!?!?! Quality. When are you free? (all of you that is)
  8. or looking at your other posts, you've joined the army and have started to flirt with yr recruiter?
  9. Yes iv joined... and no i would never do such a thing.. im too much of a good girl ;)
  10. Can I nail you then?

  11. Or the more normal approach, "Im a bit weak and feeble Sgt, can I just blow you instead?"

    Good girl, keep it up, and you will be well on your way to passing basic.
  12. well if u are anything like your spelling you are trash

    which corps is so lucky to have you?

    apart from all of them.....
  13. Well if thats you in the photos, you've picked the right job, i.e. one where the blokes don't mind whose back doors they smash in. Lucky for you eh!

    They might have to move your tackle out of the way and get a good Horse Doctor to file those gnashers down.

    Oh, and don't go patrolling through Kenya until you've lost some of that Ivory!!!
  14. bet she has a clack like a hippos yawn......
  15. agc ..and so they are so lucky to have me :D

    btw... mind the spelling!!!!!