Searching tunnels they found...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Aug 16, 2006.

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    I believe that this case is a very rare example of this sort.,7340,L-3132537,00.html

    All of them are of course exceptional incidents.

  2. Given the number of troops involved there is always a chance that some will be crooked. What is relevant is that the MPs are taking action against them. No idea of whatever you can get on your horse is yours, unlike some armies I could think of.

    Sorry Sergei cheap shot I know.
  3. "Operation Defensive Shield"

    Hm, This sounds familiar but I can't put my finger on where I may have heard a similar name.
  4. Mushroom!

    Given the number of British troops involved in Iraq and Afghanistan there is always a chance that some will be crooked. However there are no such cases (at least I'm unaware).

    So we can make a conclusion that IDF stays too far from the best standerts of a Western army.

    Moreover in the case with the IDF we can even use a word 'widespead'

    Investigations? And what is the result of the 'investigations'? About zero I suspect.
  5. Sergey
    One of my more amusing duties in Bosnia was recording in the divisional diary instances of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers stealing from the locals. A Ukrainian officer was asked by the US Div commander - "why do they steal from people who have so little?" His reply was "They probably have even less themselves."

    Hello Pot, this is Tea-kettle, verify colour setting over...Tea-kettle this is Pot, black out!
  6. Cuddles! I have a very good imagination myself.

    I don't say that it was impossible. But let's compare. I point an article in the respectable Israeli newspaper where we can read that the IDF irself recognises something.

    You present something that looks as a fairy-tale. If true then it would be in newspapers. No doubt that local would complain.

    I challenge you. Would you be able to find out your story in the reliable news-source?
  7. Where there not tales of Rhoosin troops during WW II removing Water taps to take home in the belief they would work their majic in the wastelands ?