searching for the truth!

hi everyone. best introduce my self. my name is paul holder and i am looking,and hoping, to try and get some information about ww2.

well here goes.....My grandfather was in ww2 in the tank corps although i dont know what section/regiment if thats the right terminology. Unfortunately he passed away when i was only 7 and i never got to ask him about his time in the army.

After talking to various family members i have managed to obtain some sketchy details about his service. They are as follows:-

served in tank corps
was apparently stationed, at some point, in BURMA
was captured and held as a pow in a japanese camp(don't know which one!)
He was missing for some 3 years
and was allegedly rescued/or escaped and hidden by an italian family before managing
to get back to the uk.

I have searched the internet but can not varify any of this or understand how he would have managed to get back to uk?

I have recently contacted Army Disclosures and am awaiting information from them about his history but was wondering if anything that i have been told is feasable?

His name was Victor Walter Dodwell and the only pow list i can find with that name on it is from germany, stalag 4b in mahlberg.

As you can see it seems all a bit mixed up.

can anyone help
no need to be sarcastic! i am trying to varify what i have been told and what is the truth. i now know for definate he was a pow at stalag 4b in germany and that he was in the 6th rtr in india in 1937.

i am still trying to trace his movements during the war to find out when he was captured and how he got out of the camp as he was not in the camp when the war ended.
I would try writing to the British Library in London re: relatives who served in WW2. (THE BRITISH LIBRARY - The world's knowledge). As long as you can give as much detail, such as date of birth, where born etc, and what regiment served in. It may be possible to get some sort of data by return of post. However it will cost you possibly around £30-00 for each search. I did this with my Grandfather's service in WW One and got just some basic data as I didn't now what regimental he was in. Also writing to the Royal Tank Musuem (Welcome to the Tank Museum - Home of the Tank - Welcome to the Tank Museum - Home of the Tank), or (Home Page - The Royal Tank Regiment Association). Good luck on any searches.

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