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Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by missholiday, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I hope, I´m on the right place for my search. I went to El Arenal, Mallorca for a funny holidays with a cuple of friends.
    The last night I spend there beeing on party I met a guy from the british army. I just have a few informations but somehow I´d like to get in contact with him.
    We met each other in the "Bierkönig" and we had to seperate because my plane was starting a few hours later. It was the night from may, 12th to may, 13th, about 1 or 2 o´clock in the night. We talked in German to each other (his German was a lot of better as my English :oops: ) and his German was nearly perfect.
    He is about 5ft, 8', lenk, has short brown hair and brown eyes, in the early twenties. I won´t tell more personal details because I don´t know his personal situation very well.

    I am a German woman, with long blonde hair, blue eyes and I was dressed in black.

    I hope, my english is not too worse, so that everyone can understand what I am asking for. I would be happy for any advices to get in personal contact.
  2. Stand by..........
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    ....oh sweet lamb, the slaughterhouse beckons...
  4. if only this was a post in the Naafi Bar
  5. no, I´m not. :tongue:
    Sorry for taking your time but I just don´t know how to get along in this story otherwise. Posting here was my first idea when I searched for any points in the web.
  6. Do you know any other details about him, i.e. name / rank / number?

    If so please DON'T post them here - PERSEC etc.
  7. Any idea what unit hes from ? or have a piccy of both of you :)
  8. I´m very sure not beeing a sapper. I´m working in an insurance office and as waitress. I´m truely female. My request is serious.
  9. I just have his first name and pictures will I get when I meet my friend who took some.
    If I knewed the rank or number it would be much easier for me I know some members of the british armee in the near of my hometown.
  10. Why post a pic? The information I gave about me should be enough to remember :)
  11. Oh, guys, could you get serious at any time again?
    btw: just translating single words doesn´t make really sense :D
  12. She doesn't know his surname or regiment/rank, but found ARRSE? :?
  13. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Right you lot you've had your fun. Please leave this thread alone now unless you really ARE the mystery man she's looking for.

    Missholiday - as you will gather they are making fun of your request. if this is genuine then can I suggest you leave it at that for now and see if you get any response. If the real mystery man is reading this, please drop her a PM....

    I've deleted all the drivel and unhelpful comments in case anyone wonders.
  14. thats no mistery, ich just searchd through the net.

    I just wanted to do something to stay in contact, this forum was like a help from above in my eyes. That´s it.
    I will take a look every few days, anyhow, anytime we will meet again. :)