Searching for the lost treasure of Afganistan

Did any one see this programme on 5 last night? Not really sure what to make of it. It was billed as a treasure hunt but all it was was some posh bloke running around Afganistan like a loony telling every one he is looking for gold. Not the sharpest tool in the box!
Needless to say he got taken for a ride to many caves but did not find any gold but did find some early Budist pottery which he did not seem that interested in.

The loot is valued at 500 billion! Is this the real reason why we are there or has the wonga already been spent?
I watched about ten minutes of it, until Mr Shah started coming over all "this is my heritage, I feel like I've come home". That's because you are home, now think about staying there and sorting the place out. Rather than scuttling back to Blighty, and letting someone else do the job for you.
Fascinating program Learned a bit about afganistian mostly stay away :D .
Treasure might be in a cave halfway up a mountain in the middle of no where. Sort of 3 kings meets descent if you want to go and get it :D .
The only person who made any money was the Archaeologist and the Warlord renting him his body guards. He did come over as a prize winning wally.
I found the whole thing a complete load of bo11ocks.

What sort of premadonna does Tahir Shah think he is? He runs round rural Afghanistan, a country that has a law against 'Treasure HĂșnters', with only one question.... "Where's the treasure?", then wonders why the people he asks get worried?

I'm no scholar, but even I would have thought that any easily accessable cave, if it ever had any treasure, would have been plundered by the locals long ago.

His best bit of archeology was however, stating that he had found the cave that had held the treasure because it was a cave, it was deep, it was dark and there were ancient artifacts in it. That and thousands of other caves in those parts.

His so called search for 'King Solomon's Mines' was just as pathetic.

This was in no way the 'EPIC search' it claimed to be and Tahir Shah is obviosly a complete to22er who shouldn't be allowed to write or make films on any serious archeological subject..... come to think of it, not even the non-serious ones.
LordVonHarley said:
The only person who made any money was the Archaeologist and the Warlord renting him his body guards. He did come over as a prize winning wally.
Agreed. It was more about him than any lost artefacts: lots of spurious detail about what else he'd done (wrestling leopards / eating Peruvian tribesmen, etc ,etc) and how brilliant he is at absolutely everything.

They travelled along "Bloodbath Road" to find their empty cave. Nobody else calls it that - it's the road to Bamyan and is safer than the M25 being far, far away from the Nasties and in Northern Alliance territory.

The biggest fan of the film will be Tahir Shah himself, who probably watches it over and over again with the curtains drawn.

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